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Tue, May 7 8:40am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I have had Grover's Disease for over 4 years praying it would go away. I treated it with steroids for years and tried to make sure I was wearing the correct fabrics and doing all the things my dermatologist suggested. I have Hashimoto's and have also had multiple autoimmune issues x 30 years. About 2 years ago I started looking at my diet. I cut out gluten 2 years ago, and my skin slightly improved. 1 year ago I cut out dairy and eggs. My skin stayed the same. My husband and I started hearing about and researching the carnivore diet. 30 days ago I started in on just meat, salt and water. I started it as an elimination diet to see what triggered my autoimmune symptoms. After 14 days I added back in minimal dairy including hard cheese, heavy whipping cream in my coffee and butter. My skin is 90% clear. If you're reading this, please research plant oxalates and plant anti-nutrients and what it does to your gut health. If anything, use the carnivore diet as an elimination diet short term, to see what foods are triggering your symptoms. I truly believe that diet is the answer to cure this.
If going this route, please research the diet thoroughly before you start. There are tricks to doing this safely and correctly, and taking this route requires knowledge to keeping your body safe, while you adjust to a sudden change. Again research: carnivore diet, oxalates, oxalate dumping, lectins, plant antinutrients and Sally K. Norton who is leading the research on this. I believe there are good plants to eat, I just don't believe all of them are safe for you.
I know if you are suffering from this disease, you're willing to try anything to live normal again. I spent multiple hours on chat boards trying to find answers. This is the first time I've felt hopeful that this will go away and I can go to sleep at night without my skin feeling like it's on fire. Good luck to everyone posting on here. I pray you find answers and your own path to a cure.