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Thu, May 14 11:38am · Any experience w/ med: Oxcarbazepine (Oxtellar XR, Trileptal)? in Epilepsy & Seizures

My son had similar response to keppra and was not ever able to get to therapeutic dose because of side effects. We transition to trileptal and worked great for mood & seizures. No side effects for him.

Tue, Apr 21 8:38pm · Anyone had a brain stimulator placed for epilepsy? in Epilepsy & Seizures

I can only reply as a social worker as my profession. I am on this site as a mom. My sons seizures are managed by oral meds. For my job, I have had 2 client's get a vns with no relief. I am sure it works for some, not sure specifics.

Tue, Apr 21 8:26pm · Any experience w/ med: Oxcarbazepine (Oxtellar XR, Trileptal)? in Epilepsy & Seizures

My son started focal seizures at 17 yrs. He started on keppra & was bad side effects. We transition to trileptal and it worked for him.
Best of luck,

Mon, Mar 23 7:38pm · My son on lock down: Hard for people with special needs in COVID-19

I am a social worker with DD folks and I emailed my teams from a self advocacy site a 8 page booklet that explains what is happening in plain language with pictures. Look on line for it. Also, most group homes should supplement with a schedule of game time, crafts, movement activities. Best of luck during these uncertain times!

Thu, Feb 20 4:14pm · Recovering from a traumatic experience: fear of having another seizure in Mental Health

Yes, so my son suddenly started having seizures at 17yrs and took a few months for epilepsy diagnosis. He had a lot of worrying & fears about next one. We did go to therapist and it helped give him tools to use to be social & live life again. It is so important to address! As a parent, I did not want his life to be isolating & full of worry/sadness. We did on line research on bio pages to find a good fit. Best of luck! Jennifer

Fri, Feb 7 9:33pm · Decreasing Keppra in Epilepsy & Seizures

Trileptal, 900 mg twice a day. It was a god sent as he was himself again. Seizure free since May 2019. He has focal seizures, gets an aura 1 minute before. Just started at age 17. Jennifer

Fri, Feb 7 8:00pm · Decreasing Keppra in Epilepsy & Seizures

My son did not have the rash, but irritable mood yes. He did not care about much anymore. He took a b complex to help. We needed to switch medication as the side effects were not worth it.

Fri, Jan 24 6:16am · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

My son did see a psychologist for a few months to work on his anxiety & fears. He is in high school and a competitive swimmer. That helped a lot to get him out of the house & live life again. Lucky for him, his seizures happened at home. His friends know, but others at school don't. Teachers have been very supportive. I believe his therapist really helped. We started that early on with his journey. My advice, go talk about it with a professional. It's too much to sort out on your own. Best- Jennifer