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Mon, Jul 1 6:28am · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Your therapist may have been "honest" but just telling you that they have "run out of ideas" is not anything a good therapist should be saying to a patient.
Psychology and effective therapy techniques are scientific and evidence-based, not just some random person's "ideas."
That is rubbish and not considered professional or ethical for the very reason you've shared here-it puts blame on the patient and is very, very discouraging.
Personally, I think that is a dangerous way to speak to a patient dealing with Depression already

I hope you do find someone more knowledgeable, optimistic, and willing to refer to you someone else if they don't know how to treat you.

You are not a lost cause because this one professional says you are!

Mon, Jul 1 6:12am · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Actually, most people don't remember when they "lose time."
The very term relates to fugue episodes or periods experienced as amnesia.

Mon, Jul 1 6:06am · dissociative identity disorder (DID): anyone with this diagnosis? in Mental Health

What? Where did you learn MPD/DID could be "cured?"
In the past 8 years have experienced this, and would you mind sharing how?

Mon, Jul 1 5:56am · Decreased energy after waking up in Depression & Anxiety

That, too, is a common issue with me; I think about my dreads, worries, and cares as soon as I awake. It's both feeling down as well as a symptom of a depressive episode.
Taking a shower helps me, too.
A few years ago, I used to go for a short run first thing, but for now starting with a shower is helpful.

Wed, May 1 5:15pm · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I've been on it more than 20 yrs, I think.
I am experiencing metabolic syndrome at it's worst, finally, too.

I am not anti medication, but I am serious this time about getting off. I do not have medical or psychiatric support. I can't get calls returned from my psychiatrist's office. I haven't been able to find a counselor in nearly two years. I became permanently disabled three years ago due to lithium toxicity.
Good luck to you.

Wed, May 1 5:08pm · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I have been on Seroquel almost continually since the late 1990's.
I am trying to get off. My issue has been terrible psychiatric treatment. I am on Medicaid in a rural area. Twice this past year alone I have had to endure "forced" withdrawal due to not being able to contact my psychiatrist when I've had Medicare issues at the pharmacy.
I'm going through withdrawal right now.
I've developed metabolic syndrome, including diabetes. I have no "support" for a taper or even just getting access.i am in s new community, btw. Never had such issues in the past. Im not complaining ingame, but I really need support of some kind to deal with this