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Mon, Nov 4 10:40pm · Bumps on top of thighs in Skin Health

So for so many years now I have had small little bumps on the tops of my thighs. Some of them have hair in them and some of them don’t and when I mess with some of them that kind of Swell up and they come at knot. I don’t know what they are. But they look terrible. How do I get rid of these?

Tue, Sep 3 10:45am · Scared of going to the Gynecologist; Might have Ovarian Cysts in Gynecologic Cancers

It’s a man doctor. I tried to get a girl but she was booked and my grandma said to get it checked as soon as possible. I don’t trust men. I was assaulted in 2016 and since then I changed all my doctors to ladies. Idk if I can talk to him but I know I can talk to the nurses.

Tue, Sep 3 2:05am · Scared of going to the Gynecologist; Might have Ovarian Cysts in Gynecologic Cancers

I’m 19 and my gynecologist thinks i might have Ovarian Cysts. Last time i went, it hurt so bad. And I bled for a while. I don’t have a period and I’m on Depo Provera, and never had sex. Is there anything to do so it wont hurt so much????????? I’m going 9/3/19 in the afternoon. Please, ladies I know i have to get used to this but I dont handle pain down there very well. I know I need to figure out whats going on but im scared.

Tue, Jul 23 12:12am · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

No i never got a chance to ask her about it. I'm going to call my psychiatrist tomorrow though. I had to go for an open wound care follow up. I tried the journaling thing. But I forget or i dont have it with me when it happens. I'm starting to wonder if my GERD has done some real damage.

Mon, Jul 22 9:19pm · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

So if GERD is causing the anxiety, the chest pain, trouble swallowing, headaches, I cant sleep because it causes the anxiety, my insurance wont pay for the only thing that has helped me, the doctors dont know what to do. What do i do?

Mon, Jul 22 5:29pm · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

I've had alll kinds of tests run and nothing shows up. I've had a 48 hr heart monitor, blood tests, etc. and everything is normal. Idk what to do or who to go to now. I have both Panic and Anxiety disorder too. I dont know what to do anymore.

Sun, Jul 21 11:56pm · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

So I've had anxiety for a long time. And lately I've felt really off. My chest will get its usual tightness that I get with anxiety. But lately my heart feels like its racing but my fitbit BPM isn't high. My Clonazepam and Hydroxyzine doesn't help anymore. And I'm starting to freak out. My Acid Reflux makes it all worse. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow (7/22/19) for a previous injury. But im going to ask her if she can help. Any advice???????????? Please!!!

Sat, Jul 6 11:38pm · Is it really Walking Pneumonia? in Lung Health

No, sir. Its July 6 at 11:34, and i feel awful. I've seen like 4 different doctors. 1. said i had a summer cold 2. said i had just anxiety 3. said i had in between pnemonia and broncitis. 4. never diagnosed me. I keep feeling worse and worse and I'm trusting God and praying. And I know something is wrong but why cant they figure it out. I dont know what to do anymore. I'm scared something is really wrong. And I'm fixing to lose my insurance since I'll be 19. And I'm scared my blood pressure is up. I dont know what to do. I know something is wrong but no doctor here is listening. What do I do???