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Sat, Mar 14 10:49pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

🥰 im so Grateful to have found this group and i Love my parents and I know God knows and cares about everyone the pain and/or illness that my dad /everyone here on this site is going through! The
Info and support from everyone here-is priceless- Sometimes in this flesh of mine i get so frustrated by all the hoops they (my mom and dad) are going through- as i so publicly displayed🙄- But God is faithful! And he grows me up through these trials. Them too. Even when it hurts 🙂 He is still Good!

Fri, Mar 13 6:27pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

Me too😊❤️Will update when we know.

Fri, Mar 13 4:13pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

Several doctors reviewed his ct at the ER and have determined this was best left to his cancer doc- he has an apt tuesday. They see a large cancer mass in abdomen – we were aware of three spots he was awaiting proton therapy approval for which he has been approved for but this was a blow to my dad – please continue to pray. In my flesh im weak but in Him I am strong. Holding on to Who He is! Thank you cehunt57 for reminding me of His sovereignty. Which i lost sight of in my wrong reaction to things lastnight. ❤️

Fri, Mar 13 2:57pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

And thats a fact – the details are in His hands and we do know how it ends! Thank you for your Love and prayers! Theres a bond in Christ among believers unlike any other. Of which the Glory is all His! Thank you for sharing with me Ill be praying for you as well!! ❤️

Fri, Mar 13 10:56am · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

Forgive me for my rant last-night- And Thank you for sharing your experience with me- it seems so wrong to call something an emergency room and have to wait so long. And true going forward is the only option no-matter how long they make you wait or the cancer spreads.

Last night I learned a lot. Im young in the Lord and i have a lot of growing up to do. i know we’ll never be perfected this side of life and that sure showed last night.
I know in my Heart that Christ is before all things and that all things hold together IF your resting in him. Last-night i was not. I was researching for answers till after midnight – wondering why none of his docs seem capable of making a decision or seem like they are fighting for him and i was telling my dad he needs to call his docs latenight number and let him know your still waiting. (Ugh such bad advise 🙁 … I was so worked up i was ready to drive up and let someone there know.. im a few hours away.
But God is faithful and a thought popped in my head, what makes you think your dad is more precious to me than the person sitting next to him there. So i was calmed some by that thought. And I stopped and tried to sleep.
Woke at 4 though tried to get info but apparently they were in a basement with no means to communicate. SO i had a long night of learning… im reading through a book to seek and to save – daily reflections on the road to the cross by Sinclair B Ferguson. I saw myself lastnight in someone i was reading about This past week. Luke 10:38-42 the very different sisters – mary and Martha i was acting like Martha. Overwhelmed and not focused on the Lord. But He is growing me up. Very publicly 😊here. Im humbled and im grateful. For His word this little place and His faithful reminders that keep me in check!
I still have to talk to my parents on what the docs decided. Ill update as soon as i find out. Thanks for putting up with me ❤️

Thu, Mar 12 10:31pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

When i say spots i mean the cancer spots they found in biopsy months ago while cutting thru all the red tape for treatment.
I texted my dad and told him he should be calling his docs after hours line and ask him why hes still sitting in waiting room at 11pm when he said he’d call ahead!?? They have NO record of a call!!

Thu, Mar 12 10:21pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

Ugh! I am SO ridiculously frustrated and really wondering why doctors send people to the er to sit in lobby for hour on end. My mom and dad i know are not alone. But since his surgery they have been sitting in er’s for at least three days time lost. At least 5 trips or more. 🙁
Today was my dads ct. the radiologist told him he needs to get to er sees pockets of fluid or who knows- its not good. 🙄my dad was like um ok- so he called his doc who ordered ct he said yes you should go -we’ll call ahead and get tell your urologist informed too ct is being sent there now so dad left went home grabbed mom and went up to er that was at 4:15 today. Its 10:14. They are still in lobby- they put an iv thing in his arm and sat him back down in lobby. Meanwhile theres a pandemic.. with corono- dad has cancer and now whatevers going on. My mom has ongoing issues gerd- hiatal hernias- and copd. They are over 70 and shouldnt be sitting there for hours i want to ring a neck! Good news. They approved treatment but now doc thinks might be too close to spine n only kidney left with proton so might mix treatment. My question is hes been sitting waiting so long – have the spots changed? Gotten worse or better will they even check? 😥