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Sun, Sep 15 7:40pm · Avastin for maintenance in Gynecologic Cancers

My understanding is that if cancer returns within six months of chemo, the cancer is considered resistant to platinum based chemotherapy. If the cancer takes longer than six months to recur, it is considered platinum sensitive. Those who have platinum sensitive cancer retain the possibility of receiving another round of platinum based chemo, or sometimes a second surgery. Those with platinum resistant cancers have other drug options, like PARP inhibitors.
Be sure to continue testing CA125 and HE4,S for a rise in either one. If there are three consecutive rises in either, even if within the normal range, a CT scan should be called for.
And, try to follow all the good health directions your doctor gives you.
I am currently on metformin and beginning my 6th month without recurrence.
Hoping and praying!

Wed, Sep 4 2:59pm · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

So sorry…. your name is Pam! Apologies!

Wed, Sep 4 2:39pm · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi Rochelle. I hear you! We are all different and probably react differently to various treatments. I love to exercise as it gives me the strength and energy to do activities I enjoy and would otherwise avoid, like tennis. Because of my treadmill I have tons of energy for my age, 80! I enjoy my Mediterranean diet and occasionally break from it and feel stomach distress the next day. My body actually now prefers the more vegetarian food. I have always tried to maintain a desirable weight, so sugar has been on my taboo list. Sleep, meditation and massages help me to relax and maintain a positive attitude. Just wish my harp playing would also improve!!?!!? There are so many ovarian cancers clinicals going on around the world that I feel confident a definitive cure is close at hand, even for reoccurrence. Mayo, AZ is very diligently studying a metabolic life style in this regard. My wish for you, Rochelle is to continue to enjoy life. Keep up the good spirts!

Wed, Aug 21 12:02am · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi Pam
I have completed my chemo, surgery, etc. just recently and am in remission. I was stage 3C. I think your success for remission may depend somewhat on your life style. No sugar. Go on a Mediterranean diet, exercise, meditate, get massages. Your chances of beating this thing are very good. Keep up your spirits. You Will win!

Wed, Jul 17 10:30am · Ovarian Cancer: Anyone have trouble getting diagnosed? in Gynecologic Cancers

Good idea. I get a CA125 every two months, plus a HE4,S, which my gyn/oncology surgeon believes is still more accurate.

Mon, Jul 15 6:06pm · Avastin for maintenance in Gynecologic Cancers

Forgot to mention the most important aspect of my regime is absolutely NO SUGAR! It has been proven that sugar feeds cancer and some clinicals indicate that sugar can cause cancer. Also, no processed carbs. Hope that helps!

Mon, Jul 15 4:48pm · Avastin for maintenance in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi. Basically, a very healthy life style: Mediterranean diet, exercise, meditation, massages, 16 hour fast 5 days/week and relaxation

Mon, Jul 15 4:19pm · Avastin for maintenance in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi @marfish. I also had 3C ovarian, carbo/taxol, but not Avastin. Also, BRAC negative. I went through the usual surgeries, IV & IP chemos and am currently on metformin. It has been almost 3 months since my last chemo and so far, the cancer has not reappeared. I need to add that I am on a metabolic life style; Mediterranean diet, exercise, meditation, 16 hour fast 5 days/week, all the fun things!