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2 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

@guener, are you tapering a benzodiazepine?
Either way, I would suggest following it up with your physician.

3 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

Ginger does help some and I use it quite often. The small ginger chess seem to work best, along with liquid ginger.

3 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier, yes usually after meals. The heavier the meal, the more nausea there is to deal with.

4 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier, It started when I was tapering the klonopin, and continued with the valium. Perhaps as a result of too fast of a taper with klonopin. Hard to pinpoint, exactly. Still have episodes now, but more in control.
Would like to hear others' experience with nausea and tapering benzos.
Thanks for the response.

5 days ago · Relief from nausea in Depression & Anxiety

I have been tapering klonopin,switched to valium, for a year now. Have come a ways but still have a way to go. Nausea was one of the biggest issues, with resultant appetite and weight loss.
Tried the usual Rx (zofran, phenegran, compazine), and also ginger and CBS tincture. None worked over time. So I was lucky to get myself referred to a Symptom Specialist at Duke. He prescribed 15 remeron and 2.5 mg zyprexa. This was too sedating, so I cut these back to a tolerable dose, taken at night. The combination works better than anything I've tried.
If I have episodes during the day, I take .625 mg. zyprexa. Appetite and weight have improved.
Hope this will help someone else who is in "nausea hell".
Would like any feedback. Thanks!

Sun, Dec 1 12:17pm · Phenibut for anxiety, sleep in Sleep Health

Aminophenylbutyric acid (Phenibut) is sold legally on-line as an anxiolytic and sleep aid. There can be toxic and tolerance side effects, as I read about its use. Also reviews are mixed as to effectiveness.
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience they can share?

Wed, Jun 12 3:15pm · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

Thank you Lisa.
I was able to wean off the Ambien pretty easily, but traded the witch for the devil by doing so. Had to depend on benzos for sleep. I actually think I should have tried it the other way around. Anything has to be better than weaning off benzos. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone for anything, except in very extrememe anxiety disorders.

Wed, May 15 8:55am · How can I get an appointment in General Internal Medicine at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@dandl48, was that for an initial appointment? And did your PCP make the initial referral? Thanks!