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Mon, Nov 11 5:06pm · Heart Problems, Cardiac Symptoms, But Test Results Normal in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have been on a beta blocker 43 yrs. Beta blockers are not dangerous… not sure where you got that info. Don’t listen to anyone but your doctor. Beta blockers have been safely taken by people with arrhythmias for decades. It is a widely prescribed drug for stage fright..actors take it. There are numerous medical conditions that beta blockers are used for, not just cardiac issues. Try it.. you might feel better and won’t have tachycardias that are frightening for all of us. Hope this info helps you.

Sun, Sep 22 11:43am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have dual chamber PM for bradycardia as result of my EP wanting to put me on Sotalol. That part works fine.. no exercise restriction( treadmill). But as for PM intervening an aFib episode, so far it hasn’t. It’s a low % success rate & I am one.Disappointed but Sotalol seems to help self convert me.. so that’s good. Sotalol is safer than Flecainide for structural heart disease ( valve issues). Hope this helps answer your concerns.

Sun, Sep 1 2:28pm · Tykosyn use in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I checked w drug plan, and Dofetilide was expensive…we calculated $5000. Over 5 yrs. 3 times cost of Sotalol. Does that sound like your cost? soph@soph ? Just curious. That was my copay…so I would have been in donut hole quickly and take 4-5 other drugs.

Sun, Sep 1 2:08pm · Tykosyn use in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Tykosyn was recommended but after reading electrophysiologists comments that it stops working after a few yrs, I opted to try Sotalol. Cost of Tykosyn is very prohibitive also. Flecainide stopped working 2nd yr in AFTER ablation. With Sotalol, I have 4-6 hr aFib episodes every 4 months so far…1 yr with Medtronic pacemaker. So it works better for me. PM got rid of my pauses & slow HR. Hope this helps. Sotalol least cost of the 3 drugs I mentioned.

Fri, Jul 19 11:01am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Excellent point on cranberries / warfarin. I drink cranberry juice if INR is way too low.. too many greens. It doesn’t affect INR much I discovered. But best to check any cranberry based product.

Thu, Jul 18 2:09pm · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have taken Warfarin for 10 yrs ..so far so good. Even after 2 hard head knocks in 10 days, no problems to date. Coaguchek home testing kit and email results..easy. The DOAC’s seem like one doesn’t ever know what their levels are. At last there is a rescue drug at major hospitals to rescue bleeding issue for DOAC’s. I found kale can bring down high Warfarin level very quickly. 100 mg of K in 1 serving. If anyone has blood slot issues..don’t eat kale!

Sat, Jul 13 7:57am · Anyone Experiencing Sharp Pain around Pacemaker Site? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had Medtronic implanted Sept.2018 at MayoClinic. I also have had sharp pains where you do..even into my shoulder. I still have achy feeling right over PM but sharper pains have diminished in past couple months. I always feel it.. it never lets me forget its there. My local EP even said she can’t imagine having a PM in her chest..wow…she realized immediately what she had just said to me!
As to being notified about MEDTRONIC warning…( mine is on list) my Mayo EP nor local EP notified me. I read it on a tweet in May from an EP at the HRS conference. My wireless reading shows an appropriate loss of battery so far. I am really nervous about a planned European trip later this year and won’t be taking my bedside wireless monitor. I have been reassured by Medtronic rep that when I get back home, it will download automatically precious days away from it. Easy for them to say !

Tue, Jul 9 12:49pm · A-fib and exercise in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I forgot to mention that I also take Warfarin for past 10 yrs w no negative complications to date. I do not consume alcohol as it’s an aFib trigger. No caffeine either. I trust my Mayo Clinic EPs’( yes I have 2.. lucky girl)!