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Jun 12, 2019 · Chronic bowel problems, Magnesium and Side effects in Digestive Health

Thank you! I will keep taking it, it is not yet in my daily routine so I sometime forget it. But I will create a reminder in my cell phone, this is getting ridiculous, right? Why not make good use of these cool gadgets 😀

Jun 12, 2019 · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you!
No no other health issues i would like to discuss now 😀
But I would like to add that the cardiologist said that it might simply have been a coincidence. That each time I had this splitting headache simply coincided with taking the magnesium. That being said, it would be amazing because I hadn't felt that bad for ages and it stopped once I stopped the intake of magnesium. The mind boggles!

Jun 7, 2019 · Chronic bowel problems, Magnesium and Side effects in Digestive Health

Thank you @claytamos
I finally got the papers for the blood tests. It was too late for the magnesium since I stopped using it after getting sick each time I retried. But when I finally felt better, I went to the lab for the tests.
The blood was fine, although my vitamin D was way too low, it was even lower than the minimum requirements, so I had to quickly start with supplemented D. Which I am taking each day, except when I forget 🙄
I seem to feel better overall now, although I am still not the way I used to be. But I am hanging in there!

Jun 7, 2019 · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you for asking how I am doing! I have been feeling terrible and stopped using magnesium. This helped, the brain fog is gone and so is the pain in my chest. I am so sorry for not getting back sooner, I really have not been well at all. But since a week I have been thinking I was good to go again 🙂
I stopped the magnesium and feel better. I hope to pick up the pace again.

Jun 7, 2019 · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am very interested in this thread. I have been taking metoprolol for years, since 2007. After a few years, Perindopril was added. To my frustration because I really dislike taking medication 🙁
My heart beat was getting worse, it could feel like a galloping horse, stop, or simply race. In times when the rhythm is erratic, I really feel exhausted. My cardiologist kept upping the dosage, I was at the max at some point and felt terrible. I would want to walk but could not because my heart was beating too slowly to actually do anything.
That being said, years ago I lost weight and felt so much better. I stopped eating added sugar and toned down the carbs. I noticed my heart was very calm and decided to diminish the dosage. By myself though..
I went from 200 and higher to half a tablet of 12.5 per day, then I simply stopped using it for a long time. My heart would sometimes act up, but mostly in times when I remembered and suffered from memories about a painful period in my life, which actually caused so much stress my heart finally reacted to it.
In 2017, something very bad happened and I ended up taking it again. I am on half a 25 tablet per day now.
A 'women's heart' cardiologist told me metaprolol can be considered the 'paracetamol for the heart'. You can take it, or not, if the heart is relatively okay it is okay to stop with it, and see how it goes. Especially since my dosage is low. I am a bit afraid, and I won't do it yet because I have not recovered from the stress of 2017. But I try, i won't give up yet!

Apr 19, 2019 · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Dear all.
The cardiologist called and he told me that magnesium oxide stays in the gut, and that I should stop it after it 'has had its effect'. But he then told me that it couldn't impact the heart and wasn't really open for the rest, as I feared. He told me I should go to the ENT for the bloody noses 🙁 No blood test needed and so on 🙁
So since I still have a form to do blood works I will use it to have this checked.
I did not change my diet, nor did I take other meds (I pretty much throw away all things they force on me, taking only the metaprolol retard and perindopril). I abhor medication and would prefer to not take anything at all. I stay away from pain killers too, I mean, as a single woman I have to monitor myself, the cats can't do that, right? So I want to know what goes on, what happens and when it gets better, or worse.

@afrobin so true! I know my body. And doctors are sometimes stuck in their ruts. They have no interest in things that are 'curieux' 😀
I have discovered quite a few things as well, such as coughing very profoundly to stop the ridiculous heavy beating of my heart, especially in my throat. I noticed that I would sometimes start coughing because it was beating so profoundly, and then would cough and this would make it better. And that walking vigorously will calm my heart. And other things, too. I had almost three years of incredible pain in my feet, the doctor wanted me to have special shoe inlays but last year, I decided to do some massage and in only two days, the pain was gone… it only came back once, one day, then disappeared.

Apr 18, 2019 · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thanks @lioness I will do that! Blood works next week, I will try to get the papers so I can go in.

Apr 18, 2019 · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you both @afrobin and @catmom777 (cool nick by the way, cats!).
I don't think it's low sodium, I don't really have a low sodium diet. Something changed since about two weeks ago, and I have been feeling increasingly sick. But the brain swelling is interesting, I am used to drinking quite a lot of water, ever since I was young I would start my day with half a liter of water, then half a liter of tea (French roots, we drink 'un bol' [big breakfast bowl] or more for breakfast) and drink more during the day. But I don't think there is a relationship now. I did notice however that lately, even after drinking some tea, my head would feel like it was exploding and the pulsating sensations grew stronger. I will stop taking the magnesium for now to see if this will help me feeling better.