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Sun, Sep 8 6:48am · Hearing loss: What do event planners need to know? in Hearing Loss

A lot of states are giving free captioned phones – Pa is one

Wed, Aug 28 9:28am · Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you? in Hearing Loss

I cannot afford top aids. Nano saved me. Yes National science etc study showed 2 years ago or so how bad an untreated hearing loss is . And Hearing loss group etc are pushing forth to get affordable hearing aids out there; to be more covered by Medicare. I shocked some convention goers in Rochester, New York how Nano helped me Alonso thinking has to change about over the counter aids because there are great companies like Nano out there.

Wed, Aug 28 9:20am · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

Nano saved me- check them out- very honest too I am amazed- not a 100 percent for me but I can hear enough to get by- I am heading into a more severe range so even they were amazed how Nano helped me. I do not have the latest .

Tue, Aug 20 2:53pm · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Wow. It’s too late for me- shoots. Wish I had done the lawyer bit- I did at first with Silver and silver-they turned me down. Just remember that.i do hav leverage now-encourages me to retire at62.now they are putting me off duel coverage for Medicaid/Medicare. I filed an appeal.we will see

Wed, Aug 14 5:21pm · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

I have been lucky – California in the latte 80’s to mid 90’s- employers bent over backwards in getting the right phones for two of us. Me in other offices. And I was an independent contractor. In Philadelphia in late 90’s Tomis 2000- forget it I could not even get a good chair.
Why I decided to work just as anAnimal care provider- critters are almost always on my side( cats are tough but I love it).
Olly helps on speech to text. Not 100 percent
Use that along with roger pen

Advocacy is not just for us. It’s helps paves the way. Penn care has learn a lot from me because I speak up. Pushing for non phone access for appointments and questions. They are awesome though .
I am working on Sociel security being more understanding of my limits as a single hearing impaired l cannot work in previous field and less as in animal care . Expenses are high for hearing costs etc . They reduced my payment to cover Medicare . It is tough. Waiting for appeal date
Life is hard- chocs. /Critters/ aids off when I can and books / wanderings. So great.

Wed, Aug 14 7:31am · Speech-to-text Apps in Hearing Loss

Not bad. I used it at a 6 person meeting again- and got 60 percent- better tgan nothing

Sun, Aug 11 7:19am · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

Nano works with you – and they are honest -I am moderate to severe. And they work to the point I will not be without hearing. They do not go by audiograms which makes it even more amazing that they work at any level. I am a fan.
It’s sounds like Audiologists nowadays do not do the care they used to. I know mine former one failed me (never a speech within noise hearing test -my current Penn care does) she wanted awards instead of working wirh you as promised.

Sun, Aug 11 7:13am · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

The audiologist should have acknowledge the mistake earlier and change for the lair that works- normal deal for reputable ones.