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Apr 24, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Thank you for your reply and suggestion, I’ve never heard of delayed gastric emptying. I will definitely look into it and see if I think it matches my symptoms enough that I should request having the test done. I completely agree with you that a diagnosis of IBS is something that drs recommend (at least mine did) as an across the board diagnosis that is given without considering other issues that might be the base cause of problems. So far my Naturopath seems to be guiding me more effectively than my g.i. dr did. One thing that’s really beneficial is that I see him twice a week for digestive focused acupuncture and so he is always totally current on what’s going on with me and can tweak supplement recommendations based on how my system is functioning. I’m glad to hear about your success once you finally received the proper diagnosis!

Apr 18, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Hi @lorirenee1 – Thank you for your reply to my post. I definitely blame the colonoscopies for causing me such problems especially since they started out of the blue. I had my second procedure in August and was back in her office in mid September because I was having these problems (interesting timing). I was really surprised and disappointed that my dr didn't even suggest that these procedures could cause this kind of thing to happen to some people, because I personally believe it to be true. I think that the stripping away of the good bacteria in my gut, twice in a 6 month period, was just too much and left me totally depleted of what was necessary to keep me healthy and have everything in balance. I have found that strictly following the FODMAP plan is making a big difference in how I've been doing. My nausea has gone away and I have less abdominal pain issues. I think that the acupuncture is helping a lot, as well as the "gut healing" smoothie that my D.O. has recommending to me. I haven't heard of using bone broth for these problems but everything is worth a try, thank you very much for the recommendation!

Apr 14, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

I’ve been reading quite a bit about the positive effects of peppermint tea and peppermint oil (aromatherapy) in providing relief of symptoms caused by IBS – abdominal pain, cramping, nausea and the like. Most definitely worth looking into. I hope this helps if you decide to give it a try.

Apr 14, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Hi J.K. Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if this would apply to your chocolate issues but I’ve been reading here today about fructans and f.m. – fructose malabsorption. I’m interpreting that to mean any type of sugar, in any amount. Fruits, certain vegetables by nature (carrots) can trigger issues. Perhaps there is something sugar-like in your chocolate even though it’s Dark. I hope this possibly helps, I’m new to all of this but am seeing things here that make a lot of sense for me regarding this topic. Best wishes to you and thank you for being a Volunteer Mentor!

Apr 12, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing about your experiences. I am sorry that you have been sick for such a long time now, you must be exhausted and frustrated by it all. I can certainly relate to what you said about the abdominal bloating and pain, I've not found one single thing that provides relief, and I have tried many. For me it seems that only time and waiting is out is my only option with these issues. I agree with you that a second opinion with a different GI specialist is my next step. Thanks again for your input, it's very much appreciated.

Apr 12, 2019 · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Hi Elaine, the first thing that I can think of is that Boost has lots of other artificial ingredients in it that could be irritating to your system. I recently found an app to put on my phone that is very comprehensive about foods and food additives to avoid. I've been off of dairy and gluten and yet I learned that there were numerous additives to some of the "approved" foods that I was still eating. You might want to have a look at it, it's called "Gluten Free Diet." I hope this helps.

Apr 11, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Many thanks for your reply! I'm very interested to learn more about leaky gut and the potential negative effects of enzymes and probiotics, perhaps I currently fall more into that category. My third probiotic concoction arrived today but I am going to hold off on trying it until I speak with my D.O. who was the one who recommended it (Acidolphilus/bifidus).The first one was Align, suggested by my GI dr and it was a nightmare and the second one I tried to figure out for myself in the health aisle at Whole Foods. It did nothing but make my stomach hurt. I will definitely look back into your earlier posts regarding functional medicine. I've made a long list of things to ask my D.O. about, specifically the different blood work that can run and what he thinks about these other topics. I was tested for Celiac but was already a month into no gluten and so it didn't conclusively show any negative reaction. It seems to of be a guessing game, even by the professionals when it comes to figuring out this illness and how to go about treating it with solid, positive results. I'm learning though replies here that one size does not fit all for the people who suffer like we do. I guess if it did the course of treatment would be standard issue and we would get the help and relief we are so desperately in search of. I hope that things begin to improve for you and the answers for proper treatment come your way soon! Best wishes!

Apr 11, 2019 · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

Thank you very much for your reply! First off, let me say that I'm sorry to hear of your distress, it's truly awful to be so sick. I started to strictly follow the FODMAP diet in mid February after I finally accepted that things weren't going to improve the way that they were going. I've lost 19 lbs in the span of 2 months, some of which I could stand to lose anyway but certainly not that fast and for the reason behind it. I just made the horrible mistake of eating Whole Rolled Oats after reading that small amounts of oatmeal are allowed on the FODMAP plan. Major mistake on my part, it was supposed to be Quick Oats. I've been very sick for the past 3 days and you couldn't pay me to have another bite of oatmeal regardless of the type. The types foods that I know don't make me sick in one way or another seems to be shrinking and eating has become a real challenge and something that is actually scary to me. I've asked for a recommendation for a dietician and nothing ever came of it, I definitely want to see one and will press this issue. I am seeing my D.O. tomorrow and will ask about the probiotic that you mentioned. My G.I. dr had recommended Align to me and it made me feel really nauseated but I hung in there for a week or so. Finally I read the fine print on the box and it said that it contained milk! I knew in an instant that that was what was making me so sick, immediately stopped it and improved right away. For the life of me, I can't understand why I G.I. dr who is treating someone for IBS would suggest anything with milk in it, regardless of the amount- especially since she was the one who suggested the FODMAP diet to me in the first place. I'll do some research on how an integrative dr can assist me, I probably should check first to see if my insurance covers this. Thank you again for sharing your story, I'm grateful for your input since you understand know what this feels like and what an impact it has on all of us who suffer. All my best to you!