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Apr 3, 2019 · High risk, NOT from BRCA but from typia, such as ALH, ADH, LCIS in Breast Cancer

I’m wondering how many of you gals had ADH in both breasts? I have a long story but to make short of it- Feb 17’ found large lump, rt breast, under nipple. Had first mammo and US ordered by primary for lump. US was suspect, mammo showed nothing even tho US showed 2.5 cm. I have dense/extremely dense breasts so I couldn’t be seen on mammo. Dr said it had both benign and concerning findings on US. Had BX a week later. Path came back fibroadenoma. It was causing pain and almost was poking out. I also had implants at the time which is probably why it was so prominent. The implant pushed it out as it was growing right on it. The dr said I could have it removed in a excisional BX. I did that in August 17’. Path came back much to the surprised of my surgeon with 2mm ADH growing within and CCH in adjacent tissue. She didn’t really recommend anything else except yearly mammos cause I have no family history. FF to March 18’. Had yearly mammo. Now I have left sided enlarged axillary nodes. I had noticed some achy pain there. Weird. Have another US. US shows several lymph nodes full of silicone. That first mammo ruptured my left implant. Have MRI next and it shows bilateral axillary lymphadenopathy due to silicone infiltration as well as some questionable spots in the left. In May 18 I have the implants removed as well as a large lift to remove as much tissue as possible to reduce risk. Loved this surgeon. He was amazing. He called me three days later saying I also had ADH in the left breast in the path report. Probably one of those spots on the MRI. By now, I have huge swollen nodes in BOTH armpits and my chest hurts. I apparently have silicone in my chest nodes too. These were also gummy bear implants, put in in 2013, that were not supposed to do this. So now FF to Dec 18 and I have three of the largest nodes taken out of the left side for symptom control only to now develop lymphedema bilaterally and in my left flank due to still having silicone infiltration and now missing nodes. My upper lymph system is messed up bad. All of this on top of ADH in both breasts. My new breast surgeon says 3D mammo yearly is enough of a watch for me. I’m concerned that even with 3D, they can’t see enough. Anyone else have silicone infiltration and/or ADH in both breasts?