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Sat, Aug 10 6:21am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

bb729 For 10 years I have gotten my drugs from http://www.alldaychemist.com at about 30% of USA cost.

Wed, Apr 10 6:28am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

Great advice

Mon, Apr 8 6:13am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

my advice for now is to google alldaychemist and check out med prices , been using them for ten yerars.

Thu, Apr 4 1:48pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

try alldaychemist.

Wed, Apr 3 7:56pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

I was diagnosed at 65 could do well on treadmill, only had chronic bronchitis, now 75, have both bronchitis and emphysema, do 3.2 miles an hour. Sounds to me your lucky and only have bronchitis, to me, emphysema is far worse. You have the right idea how to treat COPD.

Wed, Apr 3 12:53pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

The lung flute will get that gunk out if you use it by directions, it's not pretty but boy it clears the gunk!

Wed, Apr 3 12:51pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

I am far from a medical person but I would love to see Mayo Clinic that can multiply stem cells by the millions, multiply Alveolar Epithelial Progenitor cells and then put them in somebody with emphysema. These cells regrew alveoli in mice, if it would do that in humans, emphysema would be slowed or stopped..

Wed, Apr 3 11:18am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

About 12 years ago a friend was in trial at Cleveland Clinic for atherosclerosis a shot for six weeks of ApoA-1 Milano. Great results, Pfizer came in, pulled trial, paid 1.25 billion for all rights. This made possible all the money drug companies made on statin drugs. I was having flares every six months until I found good pulmonary, he put me on Zithromax three times a week m-w-f and started me on lung flute twice a day. My flares are now about every 2-3 years.