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Wed, May 8 12:29pm · Ultraviolet water filter system in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Has anyone installed an ultraviolet water filtration system in their home?

Sun, Apr 21 6:28pm · Best Shower heads for MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Is there a certain finish that is best if I buy the Shower Clear head? I see a gold one but not a solid brass?? Thank you.

Fri, Apr 5 8:46am · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I couldn’t have said it any better. My feelings exactly and yes it’s a good thing Gradually learning about this disease.

Wed, Apr 3 8:14pm · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thanks so much for the information. I am slowly learning.

Wed, Apr 3 2:35pm · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I am not having any symptoms. I walk 3 miles about 4 times a week. I know this is a life long disease.

Wed, Apr 3 12:58pm · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I had a bronchoscope which tested positive for MAC. He was pretty sure that's what I had without the scope but wanted to confirm.

Tue, Apr 2 8:20pm · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thanks for the encouragement. I really got help from the breast cancer blogs I joined. My oncologist sent me to the pulmonologist when my CT scan didn’t clear up. It kept showing small noodles. The pulmonologist suspected MAC but waited to rescan me. I finally had a bronchoscope and the culture grew MAC in 8 weeks. It said +1. I have no idea if that’s good or bad. I have a follow-up in a month. I am also supposed to see ID doctor. From reading the posts, they are the doctors who push for the antibiotics. Can you stop and start these 3 drugs everyone mentions or are there no breaks in the routine once you get started?

Tue, Apr 2 5:24pm · newcomer in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Myy name is pink warrior, as I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor. They have been scanning my lungs for two years because of nodules and just confirmed MAC and I think he mentioned bronchiectasis. My pulmonologist does not tell me much. I have not started treatment yet. I did well through chemo, radiation and reconstruction and had hoped to have a rest from the whole ordeal. Now I am finding out MAC is not curable and I will be dealing with it for a long time. Feeling very frustrated and sad. I hope your blog will help me as did so many of the breast cancer blogs. Thank you.