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3 days ago · Can you have gastroparesis with a normal emptying study? in Digestive Health

At this point I have tried all medications except for domperidone, and the only surgical option from what I have been told is Roux En Y. My GI surgeon seemed to offer that as a very last resort, as he mentioned some possible serious life long adjustments/risks that I would have to consider. Which is why I really would like to hear from others who have had this what their experience was, and is months/years later. The ability to go out and have a normal meal again, and not worry about the possible consequences must be nice. Being 56 years old it is hard to fathom living another 20 odd years this way and not take a risk at some point to gain back normalcy if that is at all possible. Hopefully I will get some responses here, thanks!

3 days ago · Can you have gastroparesis with a normal emptying study? in Digestive Health

I won't go into all the details, but have had serious digestive issues for the past 6 months that are very challenging. I am without a gallbladder, and suspect shpincter of oddi ever since this was removed 5 years ago. My GP wonders if I have this even though my study came out normal. Metroclopramide is the only medication that has given me relief, but sadly I had to discontinue after 6 weeks due to side effects I brought up in an earlier post. I always feel like food gets stuck and doesn't flow through me like it should. The cement feeling in my stomach and discomfort really wear on me. So….has anyone taken domperidone at all whcih is a motility drug but safer than M? Stuck as in I can't take the M but it was the only really effective medication for me so far.

6 days ago · Withdrawal from Metoclopramide? in Digestive Health

Interesting to hear this….how long did you take it? I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. I had a metal stent placed yesterday in my common bile duct to see if that can help my bile reflux. Plastic stents have helped to some degree in the past, so this may be a more robust way of helping. Have you heard or tried a drug called Domperidone at all? Sounds like it is a safer version of Metoclopramide.

Mon, May 13 7:42am · Withdrawal from Metoclopramide? in Digestive Health

The GI surgeon said they most likely would, but could take time whatever that means. I meet with my primary today to get my pre-op review before my procedure this week. I plan to ask him this as well. I have read that others have had the same situation as me, and were given a number of medications that are used in pain medication withdrawal. Anything to help at this point.

Mon, May 13 7:39am · Withdrawal from Metoclopramide? in Digestive Health

My diagnosis came about from 2 tests….an endoscopic ultrasound and a bravo PH 48 hour test. This showed bile refluxing up into the esophagus which in turn meant there was too much bile in the stomach. I don't have a gallbladder which makes one more susceptible to bile reflux of course. I also have some issues with my sphincter of oddi which is why I am getting a metal stent place in the duct here this week via ERCP. As far as metoclopramide, we each process medications differently. I have had 3 concussions in my life, which may make me more sensitive to medications (many examples of this in my life beyond just the M). But be careful. Not sure on the dose you are taking, but this isn't meant for long term use. I took it for 6 weeks and am dealing with side effects as I write this 2 weeks after stopping it. It did work for me though, and at the time I was willing to take anything to help relieve the nausea. Tough situation.

Sun, May 12 8:00am · Withdrawal from Metoclopramide? in Digestive Health

I was wondering if anyone here has taken this medication, and what your experience was. My dx is bile reflux, and after trying a few medications I was prescribed metoclopramide. This was really the only medication that helped me, so I was relieved to find something that finally helped (along iwth diet of course). I took this for 6 weeks, and began developing some side effects that were disconcerting……a feeling of being dicsonnected, balance was off, and just a weird out of it feeling all the time. I discontinued this 2 weeks ago, and am still feeling these effects as I write. I am taking a small dose of vyvanse now to help with my ability to focus, but am getting a bit worried about what this is doing to me. I posted here earlier about getting roux en y surgery for this bile reflux, but my doc decided to try a metal stent instead in the biliary duct. I have had plastic stents work to some degree before, but never had a metal one put it. If this can avoid more major surgery I am all for it of course. Anyway, would love to hear about anyone's experiences with metoclopramide, and side effects experienced. Thank you!

Wed, Apr 24 3:00pm · Anyone had Roux En Y surgery for bile reflux? in Digestive Health

I certainly will, and you do the same. I am counting the hours until my appointment on Friday. Feel like I am at deaths door at this point, so will push for a surgery date sooner than later. Fun stuff.

Mon, Apr 22 9:48am · Anyone had Roux En Y surgery for bile reflux? in Digestive Health

No kidding. I am down to one more test this week…..injecting something into me to see how the bile flows. I had the bravo test last week with the monitor and such for the PH level indicator. I will go over that and this next test this coming Friday when I meet again with my GI surgeon. Given my history, and my lack of any real success with medications he is leaning towards surgery. 2 endoscopic procedures a month apart both show too much bile pooling in the stomach, and the related mucosa thickening/inflammation. I will get a more detailed explanation this Friday, and most likely a date for this surgery. Bascially putting a drain in at the bottom of the stomach to get this bile out quicker. All my symptoms certainly seem to relate to bile being the culprit. After 5 years of dealing with this to varying degrees I am ready to take this step……status quo isn't acceptable for me at 55 years old and a lot of life left to live.