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1 day ago · Exhausted from digestive conditions in Digestive Health

I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I guess given that mayo is the #1 rated GI clinic in the world, anything you can do to get in there would be my goal. Being in limbo with symptoms that don't fully mean a certain diagnosis is the worst. I know that I have bile inside me given all the burning/stinging and constant fullness and pain. Again, I will go back to quality of life. If status quo is something that you can't endure, then the risk of surgery is worth it IF there is a chance of relief from the procedure. No one can be 100% certain of course, but being young and thinking of enduring years of feeling as is can't be very good. I know it scares me to think that, which is my motivation to keep going, and advocating for my own health. So tiring though.

6 days ago · Relentless bile reflux / pain in Digestive Health

I will try to be brief here, but really looking for comments from anyone who has been dx'd with bile reflux. I am a 55 yr old male how had my GB taken out 5 years ago. Since then I have had periodic problems in that area with many symptoms mentioned here. Have had stents placed/removed from the sphincter of oddi many times, but this is just a temporary fix. When things turned on me 4 months ago (stents in) I had them replaced with no relief. Sought a new GI doctor who had them removed again saying this isn't the problem. I had a endoscopic ultrasound performed, and this noted bilious fluid in the stomach and something called gastropothy? CT scan showed stool back up (even though I go 1-2 times/day). Gastric emptying study normal to rule out gastroperesis. Pain in the R side of the stomach (burning/acidic sensation), pain in the chest area, R side, swollen feeling same area. Only thing that has helped is a combination of Protonix and Metroclopramide. I just can't believe having bile in the stomach is alright in the long run. So… bile even supposed to be in the stomach? I know acid is, but this bile observation in the EUS really correlates with the stinging/burning sensation I have literally 24/7. And…if I do any activity requiring me to bend over much I get really sick. Curious what that is all about. Comments?

Tue, Jul 2 10:28am · Exhausted from digestive conditions in Digestive Health

With Mayo, yes it takes a few months to get in. It took me 3 months from the time I did the on-line deal and such to schedule an appointment at the GI clinic. Mine is coming up mid September. I guess quality of life comes into play when looking at risks of surgery or something more invasive. Being sick and in pain daily would push me to the point of risking surgery if there was a chance of improvement that way. I may reach that point, but can at least do alright on domperidone, buspar, and the occasional oxycodone when the pain gets too bad. But, the bland diet is something that may never change and that is hard to think of given I am only 56 years old.

Mon, Jul 1 1:58pm · Botox for urinary incontinence? in Women's Health

My GI surgeon said that botox would be good to try for gastroparesis, but not very good if bile reflux. That is the problem not having a concrete dx, and why he is sending me to Mayo Clinic now to get some clarification. Frustrating to say the least when looking for some relief.

Mon, Jun 24 7:10pm · Down to either bile reflux or gastroparesis in Digestive Health

To say I am desperate is an understatement. I've posted here a few times in the past on both these topics in regard to my status currently. Things have been slowly getting worse since this past December, and I really don't have a plan to fix it. My GI surgeon is at a loss, because he said my symptoms and test results narrow it down to these. He says roux en Y surgery will do more harm than good, as I will likely lose 25-30 pounds and may never get that back (?). I have lost 14 pounds in the past few months due to no appetite and the fullness one feels after a small amount of food. Plus the constant nausea to some level adds up to not wanting to eat. But I ask you out there for some advice. I just went for a run (this is therapy for me, and lets me clear my mind from all that I am going through) tonight, and vomited bile when I was done. I vomit a couple times a week now, which has never happened to me in all the time I have dealt with GI issues post gallbladder removal. Clearly I have a dysfunction. GI suggested botox to keep the valve open at the bottom of the stomach….but if I have bile reflux, that will open this up to a worse situation with more bile flowing into the stomach. So, he referred me to the Mayo GI clinic but I can't get in until early september. In sum, my constant symptoms are swollen feeling on the R side, more acute where the gallbladder was, burning/stinging in the stomach, packed in feeling after small portions of food. And, pain that now requires oxycodone at times to abate (again, never had to go to this measure before). Not sure what to do, or if I am at risk for more harm by waiting that long. But then again, I don't want to have a surgery that will forever harm me. Thoughts??

Thu, Jun 13 2:19pm · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

Did you have an emptying study done? My PCP insists that you can have a dx of gastroparesis and have a normal study. All depends on the day I guess, which seems true since some days are better than others. Confusing though.

Thu, Jun 13 12:57pm · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

That word has never come up in all my appointments or tests. Will bring this up though. Sounds like the EGD will diagnose this? CT scan maybe? As of now, I meet with a GI surgeon a week from tomorrow to talk about either botox or a pyloroplasty. This all starting after a whiplash concussion may be behind my GI stuff after all. Onward.

Thu, Jun 13 10:54am · Can you have gastroparesis with a normal emptying study? in Digestive Health

Well, I tried the domperidone for 2 days last week. I actually came down with a fever and felt chilled as if I had a virus. Not sure how that all came about, but obviously a deal breaker. Really bummed out because Reglan worked for me but again had too nasty of side effects. Am now exploring the role of the vagus nerve with my feeling of slow digestion. Have had 2 emptying studies, one 3 years ago was slow, the other one a few months ago normal. Which is why I ask about the validity of this test given my symptoms a tailor made for gastroparesis. I have had 2 whiplash concussions in my life, and all my gut problems started after my first one 19 years ago. Prior to that, nothing. Makes me wonder.