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Sun, Oct 6 8:48am · Calcium and Vitamin D for bone density in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Be careful of the Zumba unless it is aimed at the “older” practitioners. Regular Zumba can be extremely hard or knees and ankles, as well as spine twisting and risk of tripping yourself up. I’m doing a class now that is more “line dancing” in its approach. The steps and sequence are reviewed before actually doing the dance, and there are not so many confusing step changes. You still get a good, sweaty workout with gentle impact on your bones. But this approach is just so much safer.

Wed, Aug 14 6:29am · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

So you can only do the Reclast for five years? Did you have good bone density increase while on the Reclast? Did you retain your increase after going off Reclast? Or did you take a different medication after the Reclast? My Endocrinologist has me on Forteo for two years, and then wants to switch to Reclast, so I’m curious about everyone’s experience.

Thu, Aug 8 6:25am · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

The maximum amount of time for Forteo is actually two years.

Thu, Aug 8 6:22am · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Interesting article. I’ve been reading Dr. Browns stuff for over 20 years. Initially I followed her advice, as well as many other alternate advice gurus, regarding more natural ways to stave off osteoporosis. From age 42 to age 64, this all worked to slow down my bone loss. But finally it became clear that something more drastic was necessary. I have started Forteo to hopefully regain some of my bone loss. Unfortunately, no drugs are free of side effects. You always have to weigh the pros and cons for your own unique situation. In reality, even “natural” substances should be used only after understanding their impacts as well. Also, I always take advice from sites that are selling their own alternatives to prescription drugs with “a grain of salt”. They are not without bias … which is not to say, at all, that they are selling “snake oil” either. Only that we all must do the research to know what is the best for our own situations.

Sat, Aug 3 7:48am · Can a person take Forteo again after a 5 year break? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thank you for sharing! I’m hoping for good results too!

Fri, Aug 2 8:43am · Can a person take Forteo again after a 5 year break? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I’m doing the Forteo for two years (in month 5 now), then the plan is to move to Reclast. You note you have had your bone density increase. Can you share how much improvement you experienced?

Thu, Aug 1 6:10am · Interrupting Forteo for two weeks in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I am also on Forteo (age 65 and started in April) and recently took a trip where I was concerned about keeping it cold. I found an item on Amazon that consists of a wide-mouth thermos using an oblong plastic chill-pack that worked very well. I have some high-low thermometers, so placed on of those in the thermos. This worked very well to keep the Forteo between the 2-8 degrees C (or 36-46 degrees F) for easily 48 hours. So if you have some access to refrigeration such that you can re-freeze the chill-pack in between travel stops, that could work for you. (I can send you the link to the item if you want.). Otherwise, I can’t really find anything definitive about stopping Forteo for a two-week period. So hopefully your endocrinologist will be able to tell you what the impact is to stop for two-week after doing the injections for 6+ months, and then resuming. I’ll also be very interested in hearing what he/she has to say.

Thu, Jul 18 4:53am · Can a person take Forteo again after a 5 year break? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

My doctor is talking about moving to Reclast after the Forteo. I am in month four on Forteo, so do have some time to decide. So far so good … hope it is going well for you too!