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21 minutes ago · Communicating the most effective with the hearing world. in Hearing Loss

What are your words of advice to communicate effectively in the hearing world? Basic things like going to the grocery store and communicating with the checker and not getting looks like you are crazy. Do you hold up signs? Do you try and explain that you have a hearing loss or that you are deaf? What are your communication methods?

5 days ago · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

No one has ever told me about hearing loops.

Sat, Sep 14 7:47am · Help: Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) - very scary in Hearing Loss

Gosh, I am so sorry you are having to go through that. I hope you get your hearing back soon. Sounds like your ear is trying to respond. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with that type of hearing loss. Mine is a profound hearing loss since childhood. My sister-in-Law woke up one morning with no sight in one of her eyes. It did come back. So, I am thinking that with your senses, like your hearing, can repair themselves and return. Wishing you all the luck and beyond.

Wed, Sep 11 7:46am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Hi Peg, You are funny. I like your sense of humor. We do have to laugh some of this off. -JoAngela. 😁

Tue, Sep 10 8:43am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

I too deal with depression because of the profound hearing loss. Sometimes, in this hearing world, it is so hard to communicate effectively with the hearing community. There is an extreme lack of compassion for us, and an expectation of understanding them. In the general public there is a look like you are crazy if you don't understand or just don't hear them. More education needs to be done for us.

Tue, Sep 10 8:20am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Hello, My name is JoAngela. I have profound hearing loss. I am 58 years old. I wasn't always this old, but I have always had hearing loss since I was a young child. I have been on this site for a couple of months. I check in periodically. Anybody want to talk about the difficulties of hearing loss in a hearing world?

Thu, Sep 5 9:24am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Everyone here has good advice. I have osteoporosis as well, so it is extremely important that I get the best handle on this as possible.

Thu, Sep 5 2:44am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

I fall too often. A few times a year. Yesterday I was walking into the grocery store and fell on the concrete in an unlevel area right in front of the entrance. Does anybody else have issues with balance and falling that they attribute to hearing loss? What are your preventative measures?