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23 hours ago · When BFF won't get tested for hearing loss? in Hearing Loss

She is not avoiding helping herself, it just looks that way. Let her know you love her and that you see how scary her world has become for her. She is afraid and the world isn't making sense anymore. I hope she is in a safe situation with loving caregivers who can take the time to coax her into taking the meds and using the HAs. You're such an amazing daughter, you care so deeply. Breathe through the hard moments, celebrate the decent moments and take good care of yourself.

23 hours ago · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Jan 25. I'm driving, running errands, picking up materials, doing yard work (trying not to lift over 10-20#), cooking and trying to hold up my piece of the sky!
This is a unique situation, I'm sure. We are in the midst of preparing our house for sale and packing up our things. Today, I realized that having the surgery and expecting to recover quickly enough to get on with the work I need to do is CRAZY! Yipes. There are four weeks left until we "go live" with the house on the market – crossing my fingers.
I'm still in pain. My surgeon says it's likely because they have to use 'packing' in there and use a gel that absorbs back into the body – and because it is major surgery, tiny surgery but still significant. The pain feels like a terrible case of swimmers ear with someone intermittently poking that area with an ice pick. I do not like it. Pain meds knock it back though and I do not like that either.
I realize I may have somewhat unrealistic expectations for post-surgery recovery. I've had two kidney transplants, a parathyroidectomy and an upper eyelid/forehead lift (to correct and give me back my peripheral vision). I was off pain meds within the first 4 days with all of them. Counting the days until pain goes away.
Did I already mention that my taste buds are affected? Apparently those nerves are close to the facial nerve. My surgeon prefers to lean over toward taste buds and away from that facial nerve. Thank you, Dr. Blythe! My taste buds will grow back and I'll be okay again. That's one thing I don't need to worry about!
A good thing is that when I put my right HA into my ear, looks like I have some some residual hearing there, I heard the start-up beeps! That will help with aural rehab.
We met with my audiologist on the 23rd. and got a lot of reassurance. Looks like we will activate early. My audiologist wants to start with the smaller processor, the Kanso. She'll activate that one and then the OTE processor. I am so excited. Since I've been disappointed about post-surgery recovery, I am hoping madly that I won't be disappointed when we activate.
I'm working to get MyCochlear account going so that I'll have individualized attention from Cochlear should the need arise. I'll have access to the Cochlear Rehab site. Likely, I'll use the Advance Bionics and Med-El rehab sites and Angel Sounds. Anything that will shoot my rehab to the stars! I want so badly to be able to understand my family, especially my four grandchildren.
If you're reading along here, please let me know. I would love to know you're out there. Nobody around me is HoH or ever needed to even think of something like a CI. Sometimes I feel a little isolated.
Thanks for reading.

1 day ago · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Hi Ed. I would gladly share my journal with your HLAA readers. I have a version that is a little more fleshed out and am happy to email that directly to you, if you would like. I liked the CI journal you have going on your site. Let me know how I can help!

3 days ago · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Wow, Ed, I would have loved that!

4 days ago · When BFF won't get tested for hearing loss? in Hearing Loss

Let me see if I understand, Mari. Your friend won’t get tested. To you it is obvious they need help with hearing issues. And you are frustrated when they constantly ask you “what did u say?” Is that right?

Sat, Jan 18 1:12pm · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Experienced some balance issues this morning but they have resolved. So far so good. I wear the protective gear for one more day then get to wash my hair – joy! Incision is not “little” it runs along the back of my whole ear. It is healing nicely and pain is still minimal, for me. Nobody mentioned that the muscles in my neck would be so sore! I’m using Bio-Freeze on it and Arnica Cream on the bruising. Will upload photos this afternoon.

Thu, Jan 16 7:34pm · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Surgery was today! It went just great! My surgeon was a peach and the staff very caring. I popped out of anesthesia with no dizziness or other issues. Pain is manageable. I do have a grapefruit sized bowl over my ear that has 4 x 4 dressings in it.Got a little bruising and my neck is sore from my head being turned on the side.I don’t notice an increase in tinnitus at this time.
Thoughts about “How to get ready for your surgery”.
Do neck stretches – looking over your shoulder with your shoulders down and back, for a couple weeks before the dare.
Eat extra protein before surgery and bring some for the evening after. I did protein drinks and ate my usual healthy diet.
Bring socks.
Bring your positive attitude.
Bring Gatorade or a better electrolyte replacer for after surgery, hospital gave it to me and I had some in the hotel room.

Wed, Jan 15 1:59pm · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

I woke up this morning tingly, giggly and filled with joy. The wait for the first step toward understanding and hearing was so difficult for me! Per other CI recipient stories, I’m in for an even more excruciating wait in the next two weeks until my activation appointment. I am certain the decision I made is the correct one – the joy tells me so.
Last minute? What are the odds I’ll have to stay overnight at the hospital?
Has anyone had a CI and NOT come out of it with balance problems and dizziness?
How do I best handle the days right after surgery?
Thank you, in advance, for any guidance.