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Sun, Oct 13 11:39am · Cochlear Implants in Hearing Loss

Thank you so much, Colleen! I appreciate the video. I have held off CI surgery long enough. I’m going to hustle and figure out the best surgery & rehab center for me and dive in to the evaluation process. I’m lucky, we have an RV so I can go to the best Center (that I can find) and stay nearby for as long as it takes.
If you or anyone else would share information of finding a great team to work with, I would sure appreciate it!
Best, Lizzy

Wed, May 8 1:27pm · TEDx Talk on The Future of Hearing in Hearing Loss

That was a great talk! Wonderful information. Can't wait for these clothes to become available and affordable. Amazing! thank you so much.

Wed, May 8 1:14pm · Vacation Tips and Tricks for Transplant Patients in Transplant

I had my first renal transplant in 1987 and the second in 2000. Both were living donors – my wife (course we couldn't legally be married back then) gave me one of hers and it lasted 11 years. My son gave me one of his and we're 19 years out this Dec. Both of them are healthy and living good lives. For that matter, I am too!
Before I retired, I worked all over the world for the DoD and completely agree about cleaning ones airplane space and anyplace you stay overnight. Cooking your own food worked so well for me, it became a way to meet my colleagues, everyone wanted to eat at my place! I've never had TSA or an international inspector ask about my medications in hundreds of flights and border crossings.
Since I've had 8 or more skin cancers removed, including melanoma in situ, your emphasis on sunscreens is right on target. Even though new evidence points to some US sunscreen ingredients being well detectable in the blood (and banned in Europe), the trade off is severe for post-transplant patients; skin cancer is not something to be trifled with! I also use physical barriers – UPF 50 hat, shirts and pants provide great protection.
The biggest issue I think post-transplant patients face when traveling is WATER. We travel in our RV and disinfect our water tank 2x a year and have a water filtration system that removes clostridium, bacteria, cryptosporidium and a host of other nasties. When I traveled for the DoD, I carried a very high quality water filter and hooked it up to the sink in the bathroom or kitchenette. No matter that the filter was in the bathroom, disinfecting wipes kept the spout clean and I was assured of safe water.
Now days, I am confident about water and food – we have a great kitchen in the RV and love to turn out incredible meals. First aid is always an issue for me, though. My skin is fragile after 30+ years on prednisone and it seems to tear so easily. I have become queen of bandaging and carry a first aid kit in my backpack. My dermatologist wrote an RX for antibiotic cream to use if anything turns red.
Thanks for giving us a forum. Breathe, Lizzy

Thu, May 2 4:58pm · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

If you live near a University with a medical program, their audiology programs often offer to work with you and tinnitus, there are ways you can learn to manage it that go beyond coping. Talk to your audiologist or ENT.

Thu, Apr 18 1:54pm · Cochlear Implants in Hearing Loss

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! How funny! I started to watch the Q&A and am still laughing! Rolling on the floor laughing, really. There is no way to get captioning/subtitles. It's hilarious to me that here we are talking about cochlear implants, most of the audience being profoundly deaf or having profound difficulties understanding speech and these experts are talking way fast, not facing the camera and no subtitles. The irony tickled my funny bone.

Thu, Apr 18 1:48pm · Cochlear Implants in Hearing Loss

My audiologist says I have what it takes to be a candidate for Cochlear implant. The stereotypes had me terrified. Thank you so much for posting your experiences, I am encouraged. I could sure use better hearing! I miss out on 80% even with my Resound 3D HAs and the myriad adjustments I make after the HAs have assessed my hearing environment.

Fri, Apr 5 9:51am · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

What you’re trying to say when using the word clarity is, I believe, discrimination, this is the loss of ability to discriminate between sounds of syllables that make up words. It is tested in the booth by the word recognition test. I am very sensitive to the volume of sound AND have severely impaired discrimination. I see my audiologist at least three times for every adjustment my ears need. We have become friends over the 18 years I’ve lived in this area – I count on her and appreciate her for her patience and forbearance. She has me walk outside after each small adjustment and return to adjust some more. I know I’m lucky. Don’t work with an audiologist whom you don’t like and feel doesn’t CARE for you.
Folks, please look for an audiologist who has a Doctorate in Audiology – a bunch of alphabet soup after their name. The doctor will do testing and then will work tirelessly for and with you to improve discrimination of words for different hearing environments. Spend the money for the best most perfect for you HAs. Your brain health, indeed your life depends on this.
Hear Coach is an app that you can use 15 min a day. This app challenges your brain to discriminate between words in challenging noise situations. Your brain & the cells in your ears get a workout. The research is good that 15 min a day I’ll improve your hearing or will allow you to hold your own.
One last word. Wearing one hearing aid while the other ear is struggling will not help. Your brain switches to the HA ear and the other ear founders. Unless you have no loss in one ear, please use bilateral HAs.

Thu, Mar 28 3:44pm · Tips for Speaking with Someone with Hearing Loss in Hearing Loss

I have a mic that works with my phone & HAs. It is a lifesaver in groups, noisy vehicles and other stressful environments. Resound 3-D Links HAs work with iPhone to date, as does my mic.