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4 days ago · Coronavirus facemask interferes with hearing aids in Hearing Loss

I have a CI and have masks with a continuous loop of elastic – it goes around the back of the head and the back of the neck. Great for HA users – not so great for CI. The top band needs to go above my ear, right where my processor anchors! Errrg.

Tue, May 19 9:02am · Training Materials For Hospital Staff-Hearing Loss Patients in Hearing Loss

I’m sorry, that is Sheri Ebert. Her blog is “Living with Hearing Loss”

Tue, May 19 9:00am · Training Materials For Hospital Staff-Hearing Loss Patients in Hearing Loss

Contact Shri Egbert, she’s online. She has materials to address your question.

Thu, May 14 10:31am · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Thank you, Julio4! They sure do!

Tue, May 12 6:39pm · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

My implant surgery was January 12. 2020. Activation 2/3/2020. Mapped 2 times then Covid hit, usual mapping appointments cancelled.
Today I was mapped again after extensive testing.
In November, on the Monosyllabic Word Test Key (CNC List 1) MTSB CD Track 14 my results were 4 out of 50 words, 49 of 150 Phonemes or 32.6%.
Today, 5/12 same test, list 6: 44 our of 50 words, 142 of 150 phonemes or 95%.
In November on the AZBio Sentence Test, List 5: I scored .01% correct.
Today, I scored 95% without my HA in my non-implanted ear, in the booth.
With the advent Coronavirus and masked communication and electronic get togethers with family and friends, I’m very aware of how lost I would have been in these frightening times were I still relying on my HAs. Now, because I have a CI I am not afraid, I can hear through masks, communicating on Zoom and FaceTime are amazing experiences (I spend hours with my grandchildren every week).
We renovated and sold our house in the middle of all this and are living in our RV again preparing to cross to the West from the South and look for our new home. Even with Covid-19 restricting my life severely (renal transplant – immunosuppression – and A-fib), I feel grateful for my now incredible hearing!
I never guessed a CI could be so transformative.

Thu, Apr 30 3:26pm · My Cochlear Implant - a journal in Hearing Loss

Time keeps passing and having a cochlear system sure gets more interesting. I need to learn to locate the direction a vehicle is coming from and the direction a bird song originates! Luckily the University near me has finally figured out the online situation for Cochlear training and rehab. I cannot wait. I have things I want to discuss with the Cochlear Audiologist who runs the group. For those interested, my taste buds continue dysfunction, at first I wasn’t bothered by it. Now, I cannot wait for those nerves to recover! I’m already super skinny and food tasting ‘off’ is no help to my appetite. Mean 20 months to recovery per one of the studies I read. There is so much that is positive and that my cochlear adds to my life, it still feels like things balance to the fabulously lucky side of the scales. Be safe out there, friends.

Mon, Apr 20 9:33am · From a Living Donor: One year later, what is your life like now? in Transplants

My first donor and I are married. She gave me her kidney in 1987 – it lasted 11 years! At that time, her surgeon said it was the smallest nephrectomy he had ever performed (4” scar on her side). My second donor is our son, he was out of hospital in 4 days and on the basketball court in 2 weeks, that was 20 years ago. I asked my wife what she would say – 32 years later – about her body and the donation, “Well, it’s never made any difference to my functioning at all. I don’t ever think about it, even.”
Thank you for being so brave and giving the gift of life – I mean that gift in the sense that you handed your donor their life back (if they choose to live it fully). I have gotten an advanced degree, worked in my field, worked for the VA, kayaked, raised my children and now enjoy grandchildren. I have never held back on life – last year we went rappelling in Moab, UT, traveled and enjoyed the Grand Circle and discovered Zuni and Hopi ruins. This life is an amazing one!

Sat, Apr 18 10:42am · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Boiled eggs can be tossed onto a salad, into sandwiches, into a nest in red sauce for over noodles or rice. Here’s the method to achieve perfect eggs!

Put 1 inch of water into a sauce pan, when the water boils put a steamer with as many eggs as you want to cook inside and place in the pan, pop on the lid. Set the timer for 10 min for tender boiled eggs, 8 min for firm whites and more tender yolks, 7 min for firm whites and yolks that are runny inside, 6 min for a soft boiled egg.
Take the eggs out of the pan, place in bowl with ice water for a moment if you want to eat them right away. They will peel like bananas! Leave in the water for 15 – 30 min to refrigerate the eggs for later. I use a pencil to mark an X on them, so I don’t forget they’re cooked.