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18 hours ago · Hand held microphones that can be used with hearing aids in Hearing Loss

Early in my hearing loss journey used an FM streamer with my HAs. Now i use the same mini-mike I used with both HAs with my HA+CI hybrid system. Super duper!

Mon, Jul 20 6:35pm · June, 2020. Time to get on with life? in Transplants

Hi all, we left our home state and are on the road. Today we enjoyed the varied colors and formations of the wonderful New Mexico landscape and landed in Winslow, Arizona for the night. The roads have much less traffic – even the interstates. People everywhere in NM are under a mask mandate and didn’t seem to fuss about it at all. In TX, people all carried masks and before going into buildings slipped them on, again no fussing we observed. This is an interesting country. On the news a story about a Florida woman who called 911 because her fridge broke, the call resulted in the police buying her a new fridge and helping her with it. On the other hand, in another story we have a woman who dropped her pants and urinated in a Verizon store because she objected to wearing a mask. These seem to be off the chart crazy times. I’m staying safe, I am not leaving the RV until we get to the town we want to look at as a possible home. I’m so glad I had my transplant so many years ago! I’ve had years to train for this pandemic. Stay safe everyone!

Mon, Jul 6 6:26pm · Surgery during covid-19 in Transplants

I just managed a 4 day stay for cardiac tests. The hospital staff were incredibly careful about masks, sanitation & not letting anybody (including staff) enter the hospital without the temperature check and screening. I felt very safe.

Sat, Jul 4 9:18am · Use of essential oils for transplant patients in Transplants

I’m 20 years out, thriving with my son’s strong kidney. My transplant team is long in the past… I checked with my Nephrologist, He said, don’t ingest essential oils (he also said I cannot get a tattoo near my transplant site, lol). I trust him and now I use essential oils. I would never ingest them though. I use a combination of oils to make up Thieves Oil and diffuse it in the house. I use eucalyptus oil (diluted in carrier oil) for breathing issues. I use diffused Lavandar and other oils too relieve stress. There are lots of uses! As someone above said, use therapeutic grade oils and get a good book about them. I use “Modern Essentials Handbook”. It is published and distributed by AromaTools. This book is a comprehensive guide to using essential oils: caveat: Do Not Ingest Essential Oils.

Mon, Jun 29 9:47am · Smart watch to monitor heart in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I very much like AliveCor as well. UCSF in CA has the “Healthy Heart” studies you can join to help in the fight against heart disease. It is really great!

Fri, Jun 26 6:07pm · June, 2020. Time to get on with life? in Transplants

Thank you for your kind support, Rosemary. I bet you would be someone I’d like to be friends with! I’ve been out of transplant center care for almost 20 years. I saw a nephrologist who kept up with Transplant science and will find another. I’ve been his poster “old gal” for years because my numbers are amazing, I exercise regularly and have made plans for my life thru my 90th year to keep me moving forward. I am so used to being vigilant about hand sanitizer and hand washing, masking in crowded spaces and smearing Clorox wipes over every surface I touch, it is second nature. I practice meditation and gratitude daily for the incredible life I’ve been gifted with my my wife and my son. Yes, I sure hope I’ve “got this!” I’ll let you know how it goes.

Fri, Jun 26 5:53pm · June, 2020. Time to get on with life? in Transplants

Thank you for sharing your story. Lysol to the rescue! Our travel is a little different. I live with my wife (and the donor of my first kidney in 1987) in a 28’ RV. We have our own bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living space. For this trip we are going to isolate-on-the-road. We’ll stop to camp overnight in state and private parks I reserved (mostly because it’s ridiculously hot in July). We won’t buy groceries or eat out. We will buy gas at the pump. When we meet up with our beloved friends, we know they will have been isolating as well – so will feel safe enough for masks and 10’ distancing.
Glad your daughter got moved successfully.
I’ve been using hand sanitizer, Lysol, Clorox wipes and masks to travel for the last 30+ years and will tell you that your vigilance will pay off. I am rarely sick from flu, colds or the usual stomach bugs because I am a fierce advocate for my immune status! “Will you please wash your hands before you pick up the cone to scoop my ice cream, please?”