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Mon, Oct 21 8:22pm · Conductive or Sensorneurial? in Hearing Loss

Absolutely! The audiogram shows different symbols to differentiate between the tests that are used during bone conduction and air conduction.
Tony in Michigan

Fri, Oct 11 8:30pm · What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Hearing Loss

@julieo4 You make some good points. I do not know how Michigan differentiates between AuD's and HIS's. Thanks for explaining how WI handles them. Secondly, we are fortunate to have resources available to us. I'd like to say that ALL of those people that are members of HLAA are knowledgeable on telecoils but I have to imagine that some (most likely those that do not attend meetings or conventions), would not know how to handle a hearing aid fitting and bring up the benefits of that technology. Perhaps this is the reason that hearing aid manufacturers are pushing to make the technology obsolete. We need more people to request telecoils. Thirdly, we are used to the "bundling of services" when we buy our hearing aids. It takes longer for an audiologist to fit if a customer has a telecoil. It's would have its own "program" with its own parameters. The same would be true if you wanted a remote microphone. There is a separate program, and maybe even two or more programs. It would seem that a bundled cost should include the cost of fitting regardless of which accessories one may want. People SHOULD do research before a product is purchased.
Tony in Michigan

Sat, Oct 12 5:31am · What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Hearing Loss

I think you're right about the Costco being the older model of some manufacturers products but it may not always be the case. If anything, we may be able to get a new model but it may not have a telecoil option, a rechargeable option, or have tinnitus masking, etc.
Tony in Michigan

Tue, Oct 8 9:36am · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@travelgirl @lioness @joyces @imallears You can google Epley maneuver to get exercises that you can try at home to reposition the crystals in the inner ear to see if that helps.
Tony in Michigan

Fri, Oct 4 3:42am · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

I hope you can take that trip later this month. Social isolation is another drawback of hearing loss. This is why it has been shown that hearing loss can lead to early onset of dementia.
Regarding the steroids-YES, I had the same reaction. I've belonged to a health club for many years. I lost my sense of smell and taste so the ENT put me on Prednisone, a popular steroid. It did nothing for the problem but I got some of the best workouts in my life! We know that steroids are not good for the body so once your prescription is over, please do NOT ask to get it refilled. BTW, it took about a year but my taste and smell returned on its own.
Tony in Michigan

Tue, Oct 1 12:12pm · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

Jackie, thank you for getting back with us. This is encouraging that you may regain your hearing. I am so glad you acted quickly. I heard that the window of opportunity is only about 5 days. We are rarely able to see an ENT that quickly. I look forward to hearing how the MRI turns out. I suspect it will not show anything. Sudden hearing loss is not understood by the medical profession.

Sat, Sep 28 6:41am · Rude or just can’t hear? in Hearing Loss

We are labelled rude when we cannot hear. This is why its important to let those around you know that its a hearing issue. I go to a health club and when I'm getting ready to take a shower or go into the pool or steamroom, I remove my hearing aids. My loss is severe-profound so I don't hear much without hearing aids. I returned to my locker and there was a guy that said something to me. When I didn't answer, he made a comment "okay, don't be sociable" or something like that. I heard nothing but another guy that knows me told the person "he cannot hear". The guy felt bad so most people do not consider a hearing loss before jumping to conclusions. I talked to the guy after I put my aids in. I felt that I've educated one more person so he will now say "he cannot hear" when it happens again, because it will.

Wed, Sep 25 7:44am · Communicating effectively with the hearing world. in Hearing Loss

Joangela, the reality is that once we have hearing loss, we'll always have hearing loss. There is no cure so we have to be aware of all the tools necessary to live with the condition. Amplification is one tool but it only helps. There will be times when the hearing aid battery or hearing aid itself dies. Other methods are needed. Communication strategies, lip reading, aural rehabilitation, and other Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) are other tools that people need to be aware of. We also need to advocate for ourselves to ensure we're doing everything possible to make it easier.
Tony in Michigan