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1 day ago · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

@sparklegram, Resound and Oticon are name brands and have excellent products. I have Resound Linx 3D's, which are not the manufacturers latest product now. Mine are almost 3 years old. Features are what sets the different products apart. I would suggest downloading the app for each product to compare how much control you will have over the hearing aids. It should be criminal but the manufacturers do not make it easy to find information about their products. They want you to go to a hearing health care provider just for information. I suggest looking at http://www.hearingtracker.com for information. You can see features that are available. Keep in mind that two manufacturers may have the same feature, but it may be called something else. The key to a good fit is the reputation of your hearing health care provider. Don't take just one person's word since everyone's hearing is unique. Some types of hearing loss are easy to fit. A person with moderate loss would most likely be easier to fit than a person with severe to profound loss.
Tony in Michigan

1 day ago · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@davekoh, that certainly sounds like a WiFi issue. Do you typically leave power on your device? If you haven't cycled the power, you may want to see it that helps.
Tony in Michigan

2 days ago · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@davekoh, if you're starting to have problems with Live Transcribe, its probably not the app itself. The microphone on the device may be starting to fail. You may want to look into buying an external mic and try it again. Also, that app requires WiFi. Maybe the signal strength is causing a problem???
Tony in Michigan

2 days ago · Hearing loss and career in Hearing Loss

@daisyg74, do you have a smartphone? If so, a speech to text app may work. You'll have to make sure you're close to the person speaking though. The accuracy goes down the further away from the person speaking. You may have to pass the phone back and forth in order to get the accuracy you need. If a WiFi signal is available, I like the Live Transcribe app but it is only available for Androids. If you have an iPhone, then Otter Voice works just as well and does not require WiFi. Clear masks are not N-95 so you may not be able to benefit from that product.
Tony in Michigan

6 days ago · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@barbb, it costs nothing to try. I do not use it that often since both of my hearing aids stream to my phone. When I have used it, Innocaption works well.
Tony in Michigan

Thu, Jul 23 4:55am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@catladyde9 Since you don't have a camera or microphone built into your computer, you can buy these and attach them to your computer. This is not a recommendation and I have not even tried this but here's a product from Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Microphone-Wansview-Correction-Streaming-Conference/dp/B088D3VXC6/ref=sr_1_5?crid=KAYTFSX476ZG&dchild=1&keywords=webcam+with+microphone&qid=1595497607&sprefix=webcam%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-5
You can find similar products locally. This product has the camera and microphone in one device, which I would recommend to make installation easier. I don't know if this would solve some of the other issues that you're having with Zoom, but its a start
Tony in Michigan

Wed, Jul 22 9:14pm · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@catladyde9 It sounds like you have issues with your computer. The language may not be setup correctly so maybe Zoom is using the language as specified in your computer???? Not sure but its a thought. The tiny 1 x 1 screen sounds like a Picture in Picture setting. Again, that may be controlled through your computer. As Julie mentioned, you probably should see if the store where your computer will help. It's too bad that this pandemic is lingering. Libraries and senior centers have volunteers that teach classes. Unfortunately, they are either closed or limiting what they do.
Tony in Michigan

Wed, Jul 22 6:10pm · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@catladyde9 I wanted clarification on some of what you mention. I agree that some folks may not have the technology to participate 100%. Your reasoning is sound. Privacy may be the biggest factor. However, Zoom meetings do not require your computer or smartphone to have a camera. Your face simply does not show for others to see you. Even if your computer or smartphone does have a camera, you control whether they are on or off during the meeting. Your computer does not need a microphone. You just wouldn't be able to voice any questions you have. Zoom allows a chat function so you would still be able to ask questions by typing in the chat box but you may not get an answer right away. If you do want to work that way, make sure you type your email address so that HLAA can respond afterwards. HLAA archives the meetings for later viewing. The captions are there if you watch it later.
You mention that Zoom is not accessible from a landline. They are if the person running the meeting allows that. If you were sent a link, it has the phone number to dial. You would dial that number on your landline. You would not see anyone and nobody sees you, but it does work. You may be asked to enter a meeting ID and a passcode, but that information would be in the email that you received.
You mention that you requested normal internet recordings from HLAA. Can you elaborate on "normal internet recordings"? The recordings are on YouTube. How else would you want them?
Tony in Michigan