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Sun, Mar 24 8:31pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

Have not tried yet. Trying to get insurance approval as they are terribly expense. Have really avoided due to neuro muscular effects with statins. But I’m at point where I MUST do something. My son is doctor and he believes they are safe BUT everyone reacts differently. Putting it in God’s hands.

Sun, Mar 24 5:03pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

I can certainly relate. My life has been turned upside down last two weeks. All my relatives had high cholesterol but all lived into late 80s and 90s. Now I find a CAC of 1800 at 62 and doctor is begging me to do pcsk9 inhibitor as I'm severely statin intolerant. Finally had to stop, take a deep breath, and remember God is in control of all things. Doesn't mean things will always work out like we hope, but He Will walk the path with us. My prayers are fot you and all struggling to find peace.

Tue, Mar 19 9:28pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

I can certainly relate to the anxiety. I am 62 with score of 1771. Life long high cholesterol but unfortunately can not take statins. Now PCP is urging me to take REPATHA I am terrified of the high score but also terrified of drugs due to the statins that caused severe neurological muscular issues. Totally asymtomatic, BP under control. Have had hypothyroidism for 30 years. Would be interested in anyone taking REPATHA and their experiences.