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Sat, Jun 20 10:10am · Stage 4 drug combination side effects in Prostate Cancer

Thanks for the reference. It was helpful. We have talked about side effects and why these drugs are the right choice at this time. We will visit about it again on July 9.

Fri, Jun 19 12:15pm · Stage 4 drug combination side effects in Prostate Cancer

I have stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosed in February 2019. It is now known to be in my spine, hips, sternum and left shoulder. I started bicalutamide in February 2019 (stopped in January, 2020), Lupron in March 2019, and had 44 external beam radiation treatments (July-September, 2019). Since March 2020 I have been on Lupron (3rd six month shot), enzalutamide and have had three Zolodrondric Acid infusions. The good news is we have been able to get the PSA down to 13.2 (from a starting point of 541.0).

My question is whether anyone else is on this drug combination (Lupron, Enzalutamide and Zolodrondric Acid) and, if so what side effects are you experiencing? I seem to be very easily fatigued, have had some leg pain and restless legs, and am generally very slow in moving around.

Thanks for any responses.

Mon, Jun 8 12:29pm · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

We have not gone to chemotherapy yet. Bicalutamide worked in conjunction with Lupron for most of a year. Enzalutamide is very expensive but seems to be working thus far. I started getting Zolodrondric Acid infusions in April to help strengthen bones. It is a monthly infusion so another comes Thursday. It's hard to say one drug is better than another because so much depends on the specifics of each individual case. No two A Like (that's what I call my woodshop projects also). I have great faith and trust in my oncologist and I understand how he makes decisions based on established protocols so I follow his lead.

Mon, Jun 8 10:58am · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

I, too, am stage 4, with cancer in the bones. Specifically the spine, and spots on the hips, shoulder and sternum. Started with PSA of 541 and immediately started Bicalutamide in February 2019, Lupron in March 2019, 44 radiation treatments starting in July ending in September 2019. We got PSA down to 2.2 at ond time and then it started to rise again getting to 46 or so, PET scan showed the progression to the bones, started Enzalutamide in March 2020, PSA dropped to 20 but then rose again to 30 in May. Bone scan showed no progression in the bones so we will now see where it goes next Thursday.

As for lifestyle changes, I am easily fatigued, I try to walk once or twice every day with a mile being about my maximum range. Hills or upgrades are difficult. I try to stay active in the woodshop. Above all I try to stay positive. This is a long, tiring journey and some days are easier than others. It helps to know others are on the same journey, we are not in it alone.

Thu, Mar 26 5:24pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

I have been very fortunate to receive excellent care from my local VA Hospital. I have been challenged with Stage 4 Prostate cancer which metastesized to my spine following radiation. I have had no difficulty at all getting blood tests, appointments or medications. I visited my oncologist today and the change from bicalutamide to enzalutamide has reduced my PSA from76.9 prior to starting enzalutamide just over two weeks ago to 20.6 today. I have experienced no difficulty in continuing my treatments in the current pandemic. I am thankful for good doctors and for a Gracious Loving God watching over the entire process.

Thu, Mar 5 1:12pm · Questions about radiation, post radical prostate surgery in Prostate Cancer

I finished 44 treatments on 9/18/2019.

Thu, Mar 5 10:11am · Has anybody had testosterone shots after hormone therapy? in Prostate Cancer

We haven't discussed adding back testosterone. I am currently working to contain and suppress the cancer. I don't want anything to get in the way of that.