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Dec 3, 2019 · When do you start lupron shots? in Prostate Cancer

Hi John. I also done the surgery. I waited 6 months to start Lupron as my PSA number was less than .1. My oncologist suggested I do radiation and Lupron as a precaution because my Gleason score on the prostate after removal and cultured was a 9. My PSA has not risen but I opted to do the treatments to be safe. I am a year and two months after surgery my PSA is less than .01. I can tell you there is side effects to Lupron, the two that bother me the most are upset stomach and a short temper. I am a very easy going person and the short temper even surprises me when it comes on in certain situations. On the radiation part of it was the hemorrhoids very painful, but now 3 months after radiation they are much better. The doctors say it can take up to a year to get back to normal from the radiation. I also discovered my blood sugar levels have went way up from the Lupron and might have to go on meds. Something I wasn't expecting, but hopefully now that the butt is feeling better I can get back to a more active life and get the blood sugar coming back down. Much luck to you on whatever you decide.

Nov 29, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Hi. My psa was 12.9 in march 2018. Had biopsy in may confirmed cancer 12 samples 8 positive 1 gleason 8 rest 7 and below. Decided on surgery. Had surgery sept. 27 2019. 21 lymph nodes and prostate removed. Positive in 2 lymph nodes and also a gleason 9 when cultured. I was told the gleason score will always be higher after prostate removal. I consulted with my doctors at mayo and they also recommended radiation even though my psa was less than .1 three months after surgery. I also had a consult with my radiation oncologist in my home area and also another psa test in march 2019. Results on psa was .05 which I was told was very good, but he also said to do hormone treatments and radiation to be safe. Well decided to do the treatments, started hormone in April didn't seem to bad the side effects the first month. Had a 6 month Luprone shot a month later other than the hot flashes it didn't seem too bad. Started radiation treatments then end of June. 39 treatments, 27 regular and 12 boosters. If you have hemorrhoids good luck, cause at about 5 weeks they flare up. I used every medication I could find to ease the pain, very little luck. Finally 3 months after radiation the pain of going to the bathroom is easing up. If it wouldn't of been for the hemorrhoids the radiation would of been bearable. Had my second Luprone shot in October the side effects are showing up now. I had an upset stomach almost every day and more hot flashes feel light headed and dizzy at times. Also have to get up more at night to urinate than before I had cancer. Which I was told is a side effect of the treatments. But just done another PSA after 100 days after radiation. My PSA was less than .01 which is a very good sign. Have 2 more Luprone treatments to go and hopefully have got this thing licked.

Apr 2, 2019 · Prostate Cancer: What treatments did you choose after surgery? in Prostate Cancer

In response to the Firmagon treatment. So far very little side effects after the third week. Small hot flashes that do not last more than a minute. It did do some weird things with my thinking soon after the shot. It is hard to explain but it changed my disposition somewhat. I felt more anxious and more tired at the same time. That seems to have gone away, but I do seem more tired. All that aside minimal side effects so far. I was told my next treatment will be Leupron. Will see how that goes.

Mar 18, 2019 · Prostate Cancer: What treatments did you choose after surgery? in Prostate Cancer

I had robotic prostate surgery September 2018 at Mayo clinic Rochester MN. My PSA was 12.9 and Gleason 8. I had 2 positive lymph nodes out of 21. I just had a PSA test 6 months after surgery it is 0.05 which doc says is very good. But he is trying to convince me to do hormone therapy and also radiation. I would like to have more information on this if anyone has been through this. My radiation oncologist is recommending 39 radiation treatments and 2 to 3 years hormone therapy.