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Sun, Mar 17 6:02pm · JAK2 Mutation - Effects and Questions in Blood Cancers & Disorders

My Naturopathic Physician suggested I see a Oncologist or Hemotologist in 2013 because my Platelets were increasing to 1.5 million. I started to see a local Onocologist and was told I have a JAK2 mutation and Polycythemia Vera. I started taking Anagrelide (stopped working), Hydroxyurea (bad side effects) and then Jackafi in August 2018. I was seeing my local oncologist about once a month with blood draws. In February 2019 when my white blood cells were increasing and platelets dropping I was referred to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Dr Colin Godwin (SCCA:) told me I was in the early stages of Acute Leukemia. He said he would contact the Stem Cell Transplant Team to start looking for a match for me to get a stem cell transplant. My local oncologist put me back on Hydroxyurea to control the white blood cells. I met with a Transplant Team Doctor (SCCA) on Friday, March 15th and found that my brother is a 50% match and they will start looking for a 100% match for me. I will spend approximately 100 days in Seattle to go through the tests, chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant. I am 67 and since I want to live, I have elected to have the Stem Cell Transplant done. It is not always an easy recovery period but I hope to remain strong and survive.