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1 day ago · EMG painful? in Neuropathy

I've had my share of EMG's, 3 at Mayo and a couple at HP Specialty Centre's. Every single one of them were horribly painful. Each time I had tried to discuss my neuropathy with any of my Mayo doctors, they bring up having another EMG. I'd rather be miserable with neuropathy than go through that horrendous pain again. I would really like to know which doctor you had perform it pain free. Needles and the electrical shocks all the way up each leg, front and back as well as in my feet seemed to take forever and then having them move the needles around in quite a few spots in the muscles or nerves to get the "right" spot. No thank you!!

Thu, Jul 2 12:27pm · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

I would go elsewhere for your cataracts if Mayo can't help sooner. I am going to Minnesota Eye Consultants after my eye doctor in my area referred me. I've had scheduling issues at Mayo as well, which is very discouraging. Plus, I hate the drive back and forth for days long appointments. Seems like the last half dozen drives back and forth I've run into serious weather issues. After driving through straightline winds and torrential rains the last time, I have opted out. It sure doesn't help neck issues when you are white knuckling your extremely stressful 2 hour drive.

Thu, Jul 2 12:22pm · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions


Thu, Jul 2 12:20pm · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

I should have also stated that the Gabapentin was prescribed for three issues for me, I have neck, shoulder and back issues as well as the neuropathy. If I don't take it at night, its a sleepless night for me with severe pain issues. I've had a L4-S1 fusion in 2002 for degenerative disc disease, a cervical decompression and laminectomy on my neck in 2017 for the same issue, which did not help. I also have adjacent segment disease around my fusion which I had a decompression and laminectomy the same time as the neck surgery in 2017. The low back decompression and laminectomy helped somewhat, but still quite a bit of pain depending on the activity. I have arthritis in neck, spine and shoulders. I had a bone spur, SLAP tear and arthritis in my shoulder which I had surgery on and am still doing home PT. The other shoulder has been having some of the same pain issues and that has been getting progressively worse although I have hesitated in going in because of COVID. All of those issues on top of the neuropathy make for a fun night. I am always optimistic that things will miraculously go away and get better. What else can I do? I still think my neuropathy is nerve damage from my low back spinal fusion, but any doctor I bring that up to basically ignores that suggestion and changes the subject. I never had feet issues until my fusion in 2002.

Wed, Jul 1 6:14pm · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Please keep me updated on what you find out. I am actually scheduled for cataract surgery next week and the other eye in a couple more weeks. I was initially informed at last year's eye appointment that I had started developing cataracts. Over this past year, my eyesight has gotten progressively worse with alot of sporadic blurriness, light sensitivity and just unable to focus with or without my prescription trifocals on well enough to read anything. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy back around 2012 or so at Mayo and that too has been progressively getting worse. I take Gabapentin once a day in the evening because I can't focus enough to work if I take any during the day. The neuropathy, I believe started slowly after I had a spinal fusion in 2002. After my surgery, while still at home recuperating, I would get horrendous pains in my feet and would have to get up out of bed and walk around sometimes for up to an hour to wait on it to ease up enough to be able to get back to sleep. Within a few years, my feet hurt alot. I thought it was something else going on with my feet, not thinking it had to do with my fusion. By 2007, it got to the point that I could hardly walk around for very long or stand for very long without my feet hurting so bad. Then the strange combination of numbness, burning, ultra sensitivity started and has ever since just been getting worse and moving further up and around my feet. Now the tingling is in the lower part of each leg. My feet hurt CONSTANTLY!! My husband thinks I'm nuts because I sweep our floors pretty much every day, sometimes more than once. I can feel everything, tiny crumbs, grains of salt or sand, everything. They don't feel like tiny crumbs or grains of salt or sand, they feel like when someone with normal feet steps on a Lego. Not fun. Anyway, I'd love to hear about any relationship between neuropathy and the progressively worsening vision. Thank you! Good luck!

Fri, Mar 20 2:41pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

I also took the liquid Qunol CoQ10, but didn't have an issue with the taste. You are supposed to keep the Turmeric in the fridge after opening, which helps. I just chugged both and kept a big glass of water nearby to help wash them both down. I also take 2 Turmeric capsules each day. If those can help not to have to take some other drug with more side effects, then I'm all for it. Mayo wanted to stick me on Cymbalta or Lurica and i refused. Aren't they basically another version of Gabapentin anyway? I already take 4 Gabapentin at night, as well as Baclofen, two PM tablets, two 600mg extended release arthritis formula Tylenol and Zyrtec. Enough to knock out a horse, but not me!! I fall asleep pretty easiy at first but wake up with shoulder, neck and/or feet pain or all of the above. Geez, its fun getting old.

Fri, Mar 20 2:34pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

They currently have CoQ10 on sale in the larger bottles at Costco. Never hurts to save a few $$.

Fri, Mar 20 12:50pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

If you are a Costco member, there is an excellent liquid Turmeric out there I've been using. It gets to the bloodstream much faster and is far more effective for my neuropathy issues and other pain issues I have. Qunol Liquid Turmeric 1,000 mg., 30.4 Ounces, its a bit spendy, but I find its worth it. $34.99 a bottle.