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Sun, Oct 6 12:32pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I saw on TV (PBS) that Watchman prevents blood from going into that chamber of the heart where clots tend to form from the heart not beating regularly (because the blood does not get pumped through fast enough). I could be wrong, but that's what I gathered from the short clip. It was on the Sunday morning "Innovations in Medicine" show. You might be able to look it up online.

Sun, Oct 6 12:17pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I wouldn't dare. I am too afraid of having a stroke. I know a guy who had a massive stroke. He was only in his early 60s. If his GF hadn't been home he would have died. I've been on Eliquis since March this year + Diltiazem to keep my heart from beating too fast.

Tue, Sep 3 1:41pm · Atrial fibrillation and medication side effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

It might be too early to tell, but there is a possibility that my afib was caused by levothyroxine. I was on a low dose, but still. Both my GP and my cardiologist thought that might be the culprit so they took me off and one month later my afib quit. Granted I have been on Eliquis and Diltiazem since March, when my afib started like a house afire, but it's interesting that the afib quit so suddenly also, a month, even less, after I quit my thyroid meds. My thyroid level has remained steady since going off it so my GP says not to take it–hope that remains. Eventually I'd like to be able to go off blood thinners and Diltiazem also.
I have a perfect heart otherwise–never any heart problems before this, low BP, etc. The afib started out of the blue in early March with visit to ER and very high heart rate, etc.

Thu, Jul 18 9:29am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Eliquis = 2.5 mg/day. I went on pantoprozole yesterday though and my symptoms eased up. If you have black stools then you need to see someone, esp if you have stomach pain with it and feel weak.

Wed, Jul 17 9:25am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I've been on Eliquis since last April and had no problems until I decided to have a beer one night. All was well so the next night I had a small glass of wine (about 3 oz). No problems, so the next night I had another small glass of wine. Now I am afraid I have bleeding in my stomach. I'm not sure yet, but it feels like when I had an ulcer about 10 years ago–pain in the middle of my stomach.
Otherwise, Eliquis has worked for me. I am also on Diltiazem to control my heart rate. I know someone who had a severe stroke and he is lucky to be alive, and he lost part of his vision, so I'd rather take blood thinners than end up like him. My doctors here placed the fear of God in me–stay on Eliquis or take the risk of having a stroke.
As for bleeding risk. I have cut myself since going on Eliquis and I bled a little more than I would have otherwise and the cut took a bit longer to clot, but it did and nothing bad happened. Maybe it's just me and maybe I have more vitamin K in my system than some people (I eat a lot of salads–greens, etc.), but I am not so afraid of a severe bleeding incident now.

Thu, Jun 13 8:32am · Diltiazem in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am. Are you having any problems with it? I was having multiple unpredictable tachycardia events and it stopped them so I'm very thankful for it. I've been on it since mid-March.

Sun, Jun 9 1:59pm · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

Yes, there are others worse off. I think part of my problem is that I'm 100% alone. I have some "friends" here, but they are more acquaintances than anything and they have their own problems and their own lives. My family lives far, far away. But, I still consider myself fortunate in that I own my own home, have a little kitty, for the most part have good medical care, and aside from the plethora (I love that word) of conditions that have popped up like nasty troublesome weeds I can't get rid of, I am otherwise in good health. But, maybe once I get used to all this, I can manage to be somewhat happy again. I've found over the years that when I have a challenge, it's always an adjustment. I have been through worse, like when I found out my daughter was a victim of a serious felony and the police wouldn't do anything about it–that was so horrible that I thought I'd waste away. When you're a mom I've found it's harder to see your kids go through something horrible or a bad illness than it is for you to go through it yourself. So, I guess, if I survived that, and if my daughter survived that, then I should be able to handle this.
Anyway, thanks for being a listening ear today. I hope the rest of your day goes OK and that you have a decent, if not a good and rewarding, week.

Sun, Jun 9 12:16pm · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

Thanks Betty. You've been through more than I have. I need to ask–how do you cope? How do you keep from being sad over all this and find happiness? Before my afib started I was happily quilting, painting, walking and hiking, going on bike rides, was part of an art group and sometimes two, planning trips to see grandkids and other family, but I haven't even listened to music since. I don't feel any incentive or drive to do anything. It's like the life has gone out of me. I don't think it's so much feeling sorry for myself as feeling like my life is pointless all of a sudden, like nothing matters. Everyone else I know is happy, carefree, and pain free. I still get pressured to take more responsibility in various organizations but I know I can't make any commitments because I never know what is going to happen and I'm finding that people don't understand–they don't have a clue. With the elections coming up I'm getting pressure to volunteer on campaigns, etc. It doesn't take much anxiety or fatigue to put my heart in afib mode and sitting too much OR standing too much means I get hip pain and have to move around or lay down. I'm defined and my life is dictated by my ailments and my meds.
I'd like to find my way back again. I'm considering counseling when I get back from my next trip. I hope the PT helps me with the pain too. I think having less pain and being able to do more without pain would make me feel better too. Another thing I'm dealing with is severe regret that I didn't take vitamin D to ward off the osteoporosis and severe regret about all the heavy lifting I did to bring on my hip arthritis. I used to work like a man in my younger days and moved a lot by myself with moving heavy boxes, etc. I used to be so strong but never considered the stress I was putting on my knees and hips. But, you are dealing with more and seem to have a better approach to all of it. Thanks for pointers on pain management BTW.