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Mon, Mar 18 11:25am · stop progression, suppress motor and non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Thank you tons for your reply! I know it's too late @ stage 5, yet, I will try to build up to 4gms of oral thiamine per day, thanks again!

Wed, Mar 13 12:04pm · stop progression, suppress motor and non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Hello Roy! I have been following your posts on health unlocked on this thiamine therapy protocol you follow..it seems too good to be true but it is a natural supplement and in that fact alone lies it's immense potential to cure, reassures me and my family in helping my father who's now reached stage 5 PD.
He's been diagnosed 15+ years ago, now completely bedridden,has dysphagia, insomnia,dementia, constipation and all the related works..it was when we were losing all hope I came across your posts…
I know you are not a doctor but the fact that you honestly and wholeheartedly share your regimen, proving Dr. Constantini's studies and the program's success for all of us to benefit from, makes you several times more reliable than a physician.With all due respect, may I please seek your advice on how much thiamine might be beneficial for my father in his present condition? I tried parenteral thiamine (IM) for him in doses of 200mg/ml and 100mg/ml. Unfortunately, to both doses he developed itchiness and we had to stop injection.currently giving him up to 800mg per day of thiamine HCl supplements pills. I fear high doses may give him itch…

What do you think will be a safe dose to start?

Thank you and take care!