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Wed, Sep 18 10:07am · Smartphone question: Which one is best for hard of hearing people? in Hearing Loss

Since my stroke my family wants me to buy a smartphone and keep it at all times so I could summon help if I fell. Which smartphone would be helpful for a hard of hearing person? There seem to be so many models with such varied capabilities.

Wed, Aug 28 4:15pm · Hearing loss: What do event planners need to know? in Hearing Loss

Group discussions work when one person speaks at a time. You could announce when it's time to break into smaller groups that the hard of hearing folks will be going home now.

Wed, Aug 28 3:23pm · Hearing loss: What do event planners need to know? in Hearing Loss

Make sure the speaker is well lighted, and there is no glare coming from behind the speaker. Clear the podium of all clutter — flags, flower arrangements, water bottles; it is crucial to clearly see the speaker's face. Lip readers rely on visual clues from the speaker; beards, sunglasses and hats interfere. Background noise and music cause trouble, as do fans. During question and answer sessions, be sure to repeat the question each time before giving the answer. Reserve seating near the persons speaking so the hard of hearing can sit close. (Thank you so much for considering the hard of hearing; I suspect there are many more of us than most people realize.)

Tue, Jun 4 9:51pm · Itchy Ears and Hearing Aids in Hearing Loss

An ENT doctor gave me a prescription for fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% oil ear drops that fixed my itching ears from wearing HAs. I don’t drop the stuff in, just rub it on fingertips and apply. Voila! One or two times a week gives me complete relief.

Mon, May 20 5:12pm · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

When I got my present hearing aids nearly 5 years ago I asked about the loop as it had been discussed in a class I took for persons with hearing loss. The audiologist I was seeing scoffed and said the loop was old technology. I'd like to know now if installing the loop is practical for smaller venues, i.e. meeting halls as opposed to large theaters.

Sun, May 12 4:51pm · Poor manners to change hearing aid batteries in public? in Hearing Loss

Is it poor manners to change my hearing aid batteries in public? My HAs give me very little warning before they go dead when the batteries expire, and it only takes me a short time to change the batteries in both aids. Am I supposed to go do this in private?

Mon, Apr 1 6:17am · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

Another barrier to hearing is fans: ceiling fans, window fans, air conditioner fans — fans of all kinds. For some reason fans are the enemy of my hearing aids. In warm weather people seem to keep fans turned on out of habit. When the fans are turned off I can hear much better. I’d much prefer a stuffy room where I can hear to a ventilated room where I cannot. Of course I’m mostly in the minority.