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Jul 26, 2019 · Do hearing aids damage ears? Is the helping hurting in the long run? in Hearing Loss

The majority of Hearing Health Professionals have a very long way to go to provide the services and support we need. The Hearing Aid Manufacturing Companies are frustrated to. They invest a lot to teach them best practices but many just don't adopt them. The provide educational conferences, one-on-one training, periodic F2F visits and education. I only Audiologist I recommend to anyone in our area, follows best practices and is doing very well. It's good for business as they get a lot of referrals. This practice also has a monthly 2-hour support group / educational meeting (except summers) that is open to the public. This is very well received and many people come back every month.

Jul 24, 2019 · Do hearing aids damage ears? Is the helping hurting in the long run? in Hearing Loss

Thanks Colleen for taking this forward. 🙂 Many of us have a strong desire to learn as much as we can and it's wonderful that experts are willing to share their knowledge with us. This discussion is helping me better explain this question when I am asked by those that are ready to improve their hearing or just are curious.

Jul 18, 2019 · Do hearing aids damage ears? Is the helping hurting in the long run? in Hearing Loss

I use a free app called Decibel X to check sound levels and trends. It may not as accurate as a Sound Pressure Level Meter but it's handy. They have an upgrade version as well that I have not tried.

Jul 9, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

Joangela: I recommend you call the movie theater in advance to see if they have closed caption devices. I use these all the time and I now enjoy movies again. Regal Theaters has gone beyond the minimum requirements and some of their theaters have closed caption google glasses. I tried these and they worked but they were too heavy on my nose. I prefer the ones that you can put in the cup holder with a flexible arm so you can position it to see the closed captions below the screen.

Jul 9, 2019 · HLAA Convention 2019 - Who's going? in Hearing Loss

I missed the convention this year due to my CI surgery but will definitely be going to the 2019 convention. It's a great way to network, learn, make new friends, and have fun all at the same time!

Jul 8, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

My Hearing Loss made me want to help others so they did not have to learn everything the hard way like I did. I understand the challenges of doing this with little to no support. I have a lifetime of progressive bilateral hearing loss challenges, and have experienced just about every challenging listening environment in my career. I just got my 1st AB CI implant June 12, after 42+ years of bi-lateral hearing aids.

During my career I helped my friends and co-workers learn how to self advocate and what hearing technology can do to improve our hearing lifestyles. There is so much to be done to educate the public on Hearing Health & Technology, provide feedback to Hearing Technology Development Companies on improvement opportunities, and help educate Hearing Care Professionals on being more patient/family centric. Our Hearing Care Professionals have a lot opportunities to go well beyond selling hearing aids that will help maximize their patients hearing lifestyle. Off my soapbox for now!

In early 2014, after retiring, I repurposed myself to become a Hearing Well Advocate and began giving community presentations on Hearing Health and Technology. In 2015 I helped start the 1st Upstate SC Hearing Support Group, in 2015/2016 I was a guest speaker at conferences for Hearing Care Professionals to share opportunities they have to improve their service and support. in 2017, I became an HLAA Hearing Assistive Technology Trainer and am part of the Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers (N-CHATT). I am now participating in starting an HLAA Chapter in our area. I have learned a lot about cochlear implants in the past 3 years. I am now learning about CI & assistive technology programming and how to optimize my hearing in different listening environments so I can also share my experiences and provide support as I continue on my Hearing Journey. I have been to one HLAA convention and plan to go again next year. This is a great way to gain knowledge, meet new friends and network.

The reason I am sharing this information is that we all have experiences and knowledge that we should share and there are many opportunities to do that. This forum is one of those opportunities but there are many others. It's also a very rewarding experience to help others and see their smiles when they can hear better. Anyone with hearing loss can help others as we all have valuable experience and knowledge. This forum is also a great place to ask questions too. I am learning a lot and hope everyone else is as well.

Jun 25, 2019 · Denying Hearing Loss - It all makes sense now in Hearing Loss

I have had tinnitus for over 50 years, since age 13. Mine is a high pitch ringing sound. I just try not to focus on it. Yes they can add masking programs to Hearing Aids but for me it was just more noise to listen to. For the most part, when I put my hearing aids in and listing to other sounds and conversations it helps to forget about it some times. Anytime I talk or write about it I really hear it. Like now! 🙂

Jun 25, 2019 · Roger Select & MyLink in Hearing Loss

I have a Roger Pen and it goes with me everywhere. I put it in the center of very large or long conference tables to pick up conversation from everyone. Of course it picks up all sounds so have to remind everyone to have only one person speak at a time, and for those close to it not to shuffle a lot of papers. Without Roger I don't understand anything. I also use it in interview mode at socials when I am standing so I can understand and have a conversation with the person I am taking to. It's terrific in restaurants as well unless the overall noise levels are extreme. I use it for TV Streaming and to understand people in the back of from of the vehicle when I travel. I have a TV Link at home already hooked up to my television so don't use Roger for TV streaming at home. I can use it for phone calls but have an Easy Call on the back of my cell phone so when I answer the phone, the audio is directed to both my current hearing aids as I don't have bluetooth hearing aids. On July 15, I will have my AB CI activated on the left with a compatible Hearing Aid on the right. I will be have bluetooth capability for both the CI & Hearing Aid, an fully intend to use my Roger Pen extensively.