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Fri, Apr 17 1:25pm · Eustachian Tube Dysfunction: tube is plugged in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@redhead63, Whenever I hear of someone with eustachian problems I want to share my experience in the hope that perhaps someone else will benefit. Not one of us has the same problems but maybe my tale will help in some way. Oh, if only I can make it short! Over many years of my adult life I believe I have seen 16 different ENTs and had 40 tubes and 3 major surgeries, all right ear only. The very best are those who say, 'I don't have the answers but I will find out." Right now I have the best and am thankful. Keep looking until you can find an ENT you can partner with and make progress. Only my last 3 doctors discovered my problem was multiple spinal fluid leaks that settled in my right ear. I started getting answers when I was referred to neuro-otology. You may have fluid in your ears and if so, what is it? It's source and origin are important. My right eustachian tube was surgerically blocked 13 years ago and I haven't needed another tube! I wish you the very best. I don't know anything about balloons. Sounds interesting.

Sat, Mar 28 10:44am · Questions about Eliquis in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I've been taking Eliqus for two years. I fell down two weeks ago learning to play pickleball. My retelling of it compares the bruise on my hip bone to the state of Delaware. It's getting better. What a bruise! Thank you Eliqus. Taking Eliqus makes my hair grow faster. My cosmetologist said thinner blood more oxygen makes it grow faster. How about that.

Aug 25, 2019 · Hearing loss due to wax in ears in Hearing Loss

You will be surprised at the probable increase in your hearing after the ENT cleans out your ears, I always do. I have decided it comes with wearing HAs. It may have to do with the anatomy and structure of your ear. My canals are very small and I only allow my ENT to do the job. Be careful who you allow to do so. I once allowed a hearing aid dispenser to clean out my ears and she really hurt me. Never let someone except a doctor of audiology or ENT clean out your ears. After you notice the difference Monday you will probably want to make future appointments with the ENT about every 3-6 months. I sure would like to know if you notice a change in your hearing. Best to you.

Aug 14, 2019 · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Thanks for the encouragement because you are so right, it isn't easy.

Aug 14, 2019 · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Most of us at some time have made a statement that includes something like "I want to live in a hearing world" but "the hearing world' doesn't have the awareness, the interest, and desire to "let us in." Some just don't know to include us but we link them self-consciously with the bullies and yes there are bullies. We are blessed with the few who do accommodate us. The attacks are very hurtful and they happen much to often.
I am trying to learn to advocate for myself . I am still hesitant to do so for fear that I, (yes I), have said the wrong thing.

I have been following these posts with great interest because it affects me every day. I have Roger Select because "I want to live in a hearing world" but it's not the perfect solution. It won't fix the hearing world.

Aug 14, 2019 · Pain around pacemaker site in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Kanaaz, I do apologize that I have waited so long to respond to your kind inquiry about my pm pain. Progress is slow, isn't it? An x-ray shows that I have AC joint arthritis. I have waited 3 weeks tomorrow to hear from a dr who is going to give me some kind of nerve ending tests. Next week I see an orthopedic dr The pain hasn't bothered me recently although I could hardly sit in church about 2 weeks ago because of it. It is definitely related to activity although the pain seems to be directly over my pacemaker site. I just can't figure and why did the pain start at the exact same time I received my pacemaker?

Thank you again for asking. It takes time and I'm going to guess that most of us are short on patience. Oops! I sure am.

Jul 24, 2019 · Microphones for friends in noisy spaces in Hearing Loss

judysmayo Thank you for your quick reply, very encouraging. Reading your post the thought runs through my mind, finally some hope and positive quality assistance. It won't be perfect but tonight was certainly worth it and I am looking forward to more tears of joy in the near future. I am a retired teacher and children are important to me but I lost them when my shaky hearing took a nose dive.

Jul 24, 2019 · Microphones for friends in noisy spaces in Hearing Loss

Monday afternoon I received my Roger Select from my audiologist and used it for the first time tonight in church. Roger sits on the lectern, I turn on the receiver which is on a lanyard around my neck and set my t-coil program on my ha. I could hear clearly even to the extend that I could actually comprehend the Bible lesson and understand all that was said. Most important of all I was sitting with a teen and six year old child. I got up from where I was sitting to get some hand outs from the foyer and I thought they were following me. They were not. I could hear them so clearly and they were still sitting in the pew. When I returned my six year old friend chatted with me and for the first time ever I could hear her and follow her conversation. Later when I retold it to others it made me cry. An experience I hope I will never forget. Phonak Roger Select and I still have a lot to learn to use it but I'm off to a rewarding start.