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Apr 29, 2019 · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I also wonder if it has to be in your system continually to have maximum effect. I have been trying tincture sublingually pretty much just when I feel body tending toward symptom onset. Seems to help some, but only for awhile. I would worry about having to take it daily if it seems to be building to higher levels and then what other side effects does this perhaps bring on.

Apr 29, 2019 · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Have you tried Pure Hemp Botanicals, a Colorado based supplier of Hemp based CBD? I would be interested if you found relief since you are new to having PN. I had it start 10 years ago and after trying Gabapentin for a couple months could not stand the side effects and it didn't cure anything, just slightly helped the pain but no reduction of occurances of symptoms. Doctors just said that is all he can do. So I just started with Pure Hemp Botanicals tincture and interested if anyone else has found their products of use. I believe they help me some, again not a cure, just make days better then they are without it.

Mar 21, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@johnbishop What a great series of video diagrams John! This helps put a concise message out there to let everyone know just how difficult this disease is to figure out. Too bad the good doctor cannot put one out on best approach to treatment regime. This website is really a great conduit for wide variety of symptoms and potential treatments for relief. Thanks everyone for your contributions.

Mar 21, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@judypall If you have completed all the diagnostic tests done to verify SFPN in only 8 months I consider you lucky. I waited over 18 months and got same idiopathic "I can't help you" response, all the while suffering without any treatments. If anyone in this community says they know what will help you, try to be suspect of the advice and learn more about it before testing it on yourself. We are all grasping for the magic pill to get rid of this. I stated I could not tolerate Gabapentin (Neurotin) as a treatment. But others here find it does give them relief. If you find it works for you and side effects are not bad (and your insurance will pay for it) why not use it? You can be bled dry (both financially and emotionally) by trying everything out there that others claim will work. I used laser therapy to get me off the gabapentin ( treats feet and lower spinal cord stimulation) but that was over $3,000 and could not continue due to cost. But it got me to a different and better place. I retired, removing several hour commute and stressful work life, and that has had major impact to get me to a better place. I then used TENS type device ($300) with foot pads at home each morning and night to introduce feet to different electrical inputs. After 2 years of this my condition is in a better place and I no longer find this useful. I am now looking into CBD oils as means to further improve. I do not expect a cure anymore, just a better "new normal". You are given unending list of ideas here, but don't expect any of them to be a cure. I hope you can find a better place in this condition each and every day.

Mar 20, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

@italapino You know your varied and strange nerve responses give me recall to the bout of tick borne illness I had in 2016. I had been free of my really bad PN symptoms of electrical shocks in feet for over 3 years but then all of a sudden had the strangest onset of these pains while sitting in a very comfortable chair. Two days later came all sorts of joint pain, headache that would come and go, and weird hot and cold sensitivities. After several days of this I went to doctor and they started doing tests, and my white and red blood cell counts were crazy bad. After little help from them, and constant night sweats that caused me to change pillows and sheets, I ended up in hospital totally dehydrated and they treated me with IV's and antibiotic for a tick borne illness even though no test results showed positive for the disease. I was totally better within 4 or 5 days. Their tests are only partially successful in identifying some tick diseases. Originally i had thought it was just PN when the shocks came on, but it was only the tip of the iceberg on that illness. So you should perhaps consider where you have been and whether it could be just a dormant disease coming back to settle in for a visit. May be a long shot, just thought I would pass it along since it came on and progressed so suddenly for you. Good luck on finding an answer, hope it isn't PN.

Mar 20, 2019 · Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness in Neuropathy

@donnariley In the interest of letting us learn about this CBD liquid could you just give company or product name without a hyper link? This would let us in the community learn on our own. Thanks

Mar 19, 2019 · Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness in Neuropathy

@becsbuddy I concur it is really important to find things to take your mind off the annoying symptoms. I rekindled my interest in guitar playing since I have retired and the concentrated effort helps me find joy in time passing as I learn a new song or technique. Not that you will ever see me on America's Got Talent but it is good enough for me. I do caution to try to understand your triggers that bring on symptoms. This can be hard. I find getting in situations that bring high stress or unreasonable emotional engagement really can cause the tingling or sharp sticking pains to start. So I learn to chill out a bit more, putting potential escalating stress activities out of my choice, just to accept there are some things I should not do with this disease. No Road Rage here, ever!!! Good luck to you on your journey to find comfort.

Mar 18, 2019 · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

@artscaping If one travels to CA and tries to access their system to get some of the various CBD products requiring prescription do you have to have CA doctor prescription or is a MN doctor able to write prescription that is honored in CA? Thanks for this info as due to the unending chase for insurance and doctors in our annual system I am starting with a new doctor soon and I would like to ask him about providing such a prescription.