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Mar 11, 2019 · Worsening diplopia with no explanation in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you @shellyleon_dd. What kind of double vision did you have? Was it like mine? I had also noticed that my issues, while milder in the beginning, go back to right after my twins were born. And while I was pregnant, my Crohn's was off-the-chart, crawl-in-the-corner-and-die kind of flaring. Do you mind me asking, did they find a cause for your kidney failure? I was in the hospital before the worst began with kidney failure, but they could never explain why it happened. I live in fear now, but my labs all say my kidneys are better now.

Mar 11, 2019 · Worsening diplopia with no explanation in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you @ethanmcconkey I greatly appreciate it. And I will definitely check out that thread.
None of my doctors have prescribed any treatment for this since they can't find why it's happening. I had one that at least assured me it was real and not in my head, which is awesome because women are often told it's all in their head. But I'm getting what I call "the big shrug".

Mar 11, 2019 · Worsening diplopia with no explanation in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi! I’m new here. My name is Beka. I’m 43 years old, and I live near Atlanta Georgia. I’ve cross-posted this since we’re still not sure what’s going on.

My journey started 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. That and a couple of other little things like psoriasis and migraines. (It’s still weird to lump Crohn’s and migraines in as “little” things.)

However, in the last 5 years, I’ve had a cascade of issues that has led to a laundry list of diagnoses that are autoimmune or related conditions. Among these are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reynaud’s, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, etc. Many of my issues are still unexplained. One of the most annoying, concerning to me is, in a nutshell, bilateral monocular vertical diplopia. That is, double vision where the ghost images are above and below the actual thing, it’s still present when one eye is closed, and both eyes are affected. This problem is getting worse as time goes by.

I’ve seen several ophthalmologists, a neuro-ophthalmologist, and a retina specialist since I am taking Plaquenil for my RA. The Plaquenil use was ruled out as the issue. The only thing (that I am aware of) that they were not able to rule out was another autoimmune disease.

Several of my doctors have expressed concerns about MS, but 3 brain MRIs in the last 5 years have not shown any lesions. Myasthenia Gravis is another potential, but my primary is unable to order the antibody tests, and I fired my rheumatologist for being a total jerk. I am in the process of finding a new one, but it’s difficult to find a doctor that is willing to take input from the patient or another doctor (in my experience).

So, to stop my post from getting any longer, has anyone experienced this type of diplopia? Or does anyone have MG with ocular problems that sounds like this? Are there any other conditions that should be considered?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.