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3 hours ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

That must be a relief :). Yes, it’s something that happens. What I also had happen is smelling cigarette smoke and other bad smells that no one else smelled. That’s done too. That was really crazy! Hope you don’t get that. Take care and be as healthy as you can. Drink lots of water and keep positivity around you 🙂

17 hours ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Is it like you can hear your blood pulsing? If so, I got that too. It’s called “pulsatile tinnitus”. And yeah, I was off Effexor for a total of 6 months and that was one of my symptoms too. Since I was on Effexor for anxiety and depression and, it came back, I’m now taking Zoloft and Seroquel. The pulsing has stopped. I’m sorry you were prescribed Effexor for hot flashes. Seems strange to me because it’s such a strong drug. But then again, I had a doc prescribe me Depakote and my psychiatrist said “OmG! Don’t take that!” Ever since then, I question the medicine and the dosage before I take anything!

2 days ago · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

My doctor said that for folks who have anxiety and/or are bipolar (manic depressive) that Zoloft alone may cause increased anxiety at first as well as when dosage is increased. I’m sorry you didn’t get that response, but I double checked on internet, too. I was dismayed to learn that I may be bipolar. I’m almost 52 and, again, was doing pretty well on Effexor. Then, when I weened off, I only lasted 6 months on nothing… and now I’m on two meds! Ha! (And now I’m crying at the drop of a hat and I’m hoping it’s because of being on antibiotics!)

If it’s not too difficult, perhaps seek a second opinion. In these days of complicated insurance and in some cases NO insurance, I understand what a pain this all is. But it’s your life (and your moms). I also completely understand the empathy you must feel for your mom. My heart breaks to hear my mom cry about how unhappy she is in her new living situation. And between my brothers and I, all of us are going through tremendous transition and just don’t have enough stored “happiness” to help each other 🙁

This is why I love this forum.

2 days ago · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Because I had those same anxiety issues with Lexapro, my doc put me on Seroquel for one week before beginning Zoloft and it helped tremendously. Apparently Seroquel is a mood stabilizer. It seemed to be working well until I got an inner ear infection and started taking antibiotics. My anxiety and depression were just starting to abate and I am slammed again. I’m hoping it subsided after Thursday when my antibiotics are done. Your mom should definitely call or see the doctor. She should not be suffering. It’s awful.

3 days ago · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Honestly I’m not feeling so good today. I’m on the lowest dose of Zoloft and lowest dose of seroquel at night. I’m thinking that taking this round of antibiotics is affecting the effectiveness of the medicine. I hope. Today was an orientation to my new job. So much change in my life and, while it should be fun, I’m mostly faking it. I truthfully still think I’m mourning the passing of my dad (almost 18 months) and my mom’s struggles with dementia. It’s like I lost them both. And my home and job and anything familiar. I did a stupid thing, moving, during an emotional time. But I just wanted my daughter to go to a good school – and, more than likely, was acting in a “manic” way. I don’t like being called “bipolar” but looking back, perhaps it explains a lot. And I’ve never been reckless, but I did take risks – but calculated. This time, however, it impacted my family and it tears me up. But they are happy :). It’s just me struggling.

I had a cry today at one point in my orientation :). Quietly. But I hadn’t done that for weeks. I’m tempted to stop the antibiotics, but, since I hate taking meds anyway, when I do take them I like to follow directions. Four more days.

Thank you for asking. This is the pits. But I am grateful.

4 days ago · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Do you have someone with you to talk to? Have you eaten anything? Are you on any additional temporary medication like antibiotics? I just realized that is why I’m feeling crappy and my head is not right. Drink lots of water, too.

6 days ago · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

If it worked before it should work again, but it definitely takes time. Crying is a nice release, and if your mom can force herself to take a walk (dogs are great for this) once a day, it helps. Be real good about eating veggies and other natural anti depressants and limit sugar. It’s all important, truly.

I’m on week 5 of Zoloft and definitely feel an improvement – but I confided in my husband today that “it” is still there. I, too, wish it weren’t.

Hang in there. I’m glad your mom has folks who love her.