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Mar 26, 2019 · Floaters Only Vitrectomy in Eye Conditions

@susan2018 Follow up: So I saw my retinal surgeon today and she agreed to do a FOV, I am nervous yet excited! I won't have surgery until June for my right eye first, but I will follow up here with my results then. As far as my massive long and thin starburst and haze when looking at lights that happened only after my YAG treatment, my surgeon can only guess that these are due to my previous Lasik procedures done 20 years ago. We have SO much more to learn about the delicate nuances of our eyes, and I have(among others), taken our sight for granted all this time.

Mar 10, 2019 · YAG Laser Iridotomy Complications in Eye Conditions

I am 50 years old and had my cataract surgery one year ago (toric lenses), since then I have been through some horrible stuff. I had Macular Edema in both eyes a short while after my cataract surgeries, but this seems to have cleared up according to my retinal scans and multiple examinations. Once my Macular Edema cleared up in both eyes I had the YAG laser to clear up my posterior capsular opacification. The next morning after my YAG laser, I woke up and I knew something was terrible wrong, In dim light (even indoors with fluorescent lighting), I could see a fuzzy halo around lights and starbursts too. At night time when I am driving, every light ranging from headlights to traffic lights….any light at night, I can see long stretched out spiky starbursts. The brighter the light (like those super bright headlights you see in newer cars), the longer and stretchy the starburst will be. Every once in a while the starburst will also have a rainbow effect to it that is inside the starburst itself. Note: I am seeing the starbursts with or without my glasses, so it wouldn't be residual astigmatism like my doctor thought it might be. I am also seeing bright oddly shaped circle lights every morning right now like when I had my macular edema, when I went to my doctor he did another retinal scan of my eyes but it showed no macular edema. My vitreous gel seems to be a mess also, I can live with floaters, but now it seems like the vitreous gel is clumping together or something, and when I look to the left and right or up and down I see like something hazy and sweeping going the opposite way that I am looking. I asked if my lenses got pitted or damaged or something during my YAG laser treatment but my doctor said no. My doctor had some "copy and paste" explanation for everything (like basically well…just live with it), so I went to see a second doctor (at my HMO hospital), and after her examination she basically said the same thing "well you're seeing 20/20 with glasses" along with her "copy and paste" explanations as well. Not happy with her responses, I asked politely to be referred to the retinal surgeon…she didn't like it that much, and after that her demeanor changed for the worse. So moving forward…I've been researching Dr. Google (doctors hate when I do this, lol), I was thinking that maybe they should widen the YAG treatment area more (maybe it will clear up the starbursts cause I have large pupils), and maybe I should get a vitrectomy (for my clumpy vitreous gel or whatever else it might be that is possibly pulling at my retina causing the circles of light in the morning right when I wake)? I see the retinal surgeon later this month, is there any suggestions you guys might give me that I might bring to the table when I see him? I feel like I am going blind or something. Thank you.

Mar 10, 2019 · Floaters Only Vitrectomy in Eye Conditions

This is a great question, I have the same things you had am going through the same thing right now I can see 20/20 but I know I need a vitrectomy too and soon! My doctors are kind of brushing me off though even when I let them know how bad my vitreous gel in my eye is.