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Mar 24, 2019 · Post-cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal surgery in Digestive Health

After twice blockages gallstone remove in my common bileduct last 11/22/2018 &12/31/2018 i still have excruciating pain on my abdominal going to my lower back, GI doctor did endoscopy & colonoscopy & get a sample to test but they can not find where's the pain is coming from. I lost a lot of weights since 11/22/2018 and now, 40 lbs. I don't know where to go
Please help

Mar 10, 2019 · Post-cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal surgery in Digestive Health

Hi my wife had gallbladder removed 4 years ago (2014) by small incession on her lower right bellybutton and she was discharged after 4 days but after 2 days at home pain still there and it getting worse that her sweat is big as corn, and she has difficulty breathing already so we have to go back to emergency, the next day and they found out that there is a leak in bileduck as small as niddle and they put a stent to stop the leak and put a tube and bag to suck the leak and she stay in hospital for 3 weeks. After a couple of days recovering she had endoscopy to remove the stent but the the stent is wasn't there anymore. And that's a couple's of endoscopy and procedures but the good news is no more pain and she doesn't have any maintenance at all. After 3 years she's having once in a while abdominal pain but not like when she have gallbladder remove. On 22 of November 2018 after 4 years on her gallbladder removal pain is back and in the level of 9 so i rushed her to Emergency they do xray, ct scan, sonogram and finally did Mri and they saw a blockages on her bile duck but they can't do on their hospital so my wife ambulance to another hospital to remove a blockage a gallstone on her bileduck after 2 day's she was discharged with minimal pain but while recovering at home she has shooting pain on her abdomen until on December 31 2018 her pain is on level 9 again so we rush again to Emergency and there is again a blockages on her bileduck that's another endoscopy to remove a blockages a gallstone on her bileduck. Wow, imagine we spend Thanksgiving and New Years in Emergency Room. But that's is Okay to me i mean Us, the it's not okay is her pain is not going away until now she can't eat, sleep, very irritating and she lost a lot of her weight maybe 50 lbs in just a year and a half. Her primary Dr. Refer her to GI Dr. which they do an endoscopy ( again )and colonoscopy but the all results are negative. I don't know what's causing her pain
Actually 2 day's ago we rush to ER again for abdominal pain and shortness of breath again xray and blood test is normal and i ask the Dr. What's the causes of her pain? Please and i'm hoping there is an answer, I'm doing also researching online one thing i encounter is maybe possible blockages on her cystic ducts and that's really hard to see .