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Sat, Jul 11 8:33am · Bladder Cancer: Finding a Specialist in Kidney & Bladder

Look up Dr Berg on YouTube.
Watch his videos on cancer.
Many cured of cancer including prostate by fasting, diet. Amazing stuff. Blessings!

Tue, Jun 30 8:19am · Afib Triggers: Mine is my neck or body position, yours? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

YES mine does also.

BUT last week my chiropractor worked on aligning my neck and this week I can lie on my left side for a few minutes.
I still need to sleep on the right side but I see improvement.
Praise God, NO AFIB in the past week!

There can be nerve impingement.

Sun, Jun 21 5:02pm · Afib Triggers: Mine is my neck or body position, yours? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Yes I use lavender oil diluted with olive oil on the bottoms of my feet and on my chest before getting into bed at night.

No sugars or carbs for me and it works good to keep my heart kind of on a level playing.

My issue is getting somebody who can help me with the impingement of my Vegas nerve in my upper left body and neck. Any quick movement, or bending over will set it off. Then I do my deep breathing breathing out very slowly for 10 seconds, I also put ice on my face and neck and relax in a reclined position with my legs up. If I have to that is when I take A metoprolol 6.25 and I actually dissolve most of it under my tongue so it works fast and swallow the rest.

I know there’s nothing physically wrong with my heart and I just need to get this vagal issue taken care of but it is terrible trying to find someone who is knowledgeable about this. There is a person called a functional manual therapist who I am trying to look for one in my area that hopefully can help me out.

Being sure that your neck has a natural curve in it, and does not have any issues is important because this has a lot to do with your heart. Also your thoracic spine I think T5, is very important, if it is out of line it will affect your heart and cause palpitations.
All the best to you!

Sun, Jun 21 8:42am · Afib Triggers: Mine is my neck or body position, yours? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Well I hope my case helps someone here.

We had a head on accident in 2005. Broken ribs on left, neck trauma. For two years left thyroid would swell. No doctor knew answer. Wanted to give me 6 prescriptions and pain pills

Working in health field I knew I would need to do it myself….naturally no meds.

Long story, I did it with diet, oils, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor alignment.

Felt good. No more thyroid issues. No pain.

AFib began after about 5 years. Heart tests show normal heart. Slight MVP.

Bend over palpitations, begin to eat, palpitations.
Sleeping on left side, palpitations. Use left arm for abrupt movements, palpitations.

Only take 12.5 metoprolol when irregular heartbeat begins which was maybe once a month or maybe every three months.

Now it is happening almost every other day 😩.
My chiropractor keeps my neck and mid back aligned because that can affect the heart.

I take magnesium taurate for heart with D.

Eat extremely healthy, gluten free, no sugar, pasta, bread.

So what is causing my Afib episodes?

Old scar tissue/adhesions in my neck and chest!

If u have ever had trauma to your upper body, your vagus nerve most likely is damaged.

Controlling the scar tissue tugging on the baguyis almost impossible.

Today I use a massager to hopefully break up the
Tissue. Having surgery to cut these adhesions is not the answer.

Check your thyroid labs
Take the right magnesium and D.
Take CoQ10
Take omega 3
Eat right
No sugar
Get chiropractic care!
Is a med u r taking causing it?
Have u injured your vagus nerve?


Thu, May 21 8:14am · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Which is why our President wanted pharma companies back in USA. He was right!

Thu, May 21 8:12am · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Believe should be about 60%. ?

Thu, May 21 8:10am · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Watch his videos.
I began magnesium taurate and vitamin D per him.
No more A fib! All tests normal


Sat, Mar 28 10:07am · Heart Palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have palp/irreg HR also associated with position, bending, belching, after eating and even after drinking.
Working in the health field as a Med/Surg Asst I went after answers. Asked for ECHO of heart, etc.
Heart physically fine. So……
Was told by chiro I have hernia. Hmmmm.
He pulled my diaphram down and it helped.

When they happen I do slow breathing.
Place ice pack on Left forearm. Recline with feet up.

I eat and drink slowly. Do not lift heavy objects.
Very limited carbs. No sugar. No caffeine.
Gluten free.

I do have Metoprolol Tartrate 25 (take half if get prolonged irreg HR)

I rather do this than have hernia surgery.
It is a vagus issue for sure!

ALSO VERY GOOD INFO from Dr Sanjay Gupta/York Cardiology on Youtube. Great Videos on Afi/Palp