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Dec 28, 2019 · What is your anxiety like? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Lisa, Yes I've had a life change although for some a good one. My husband retired a couple years earlier than planned and our plan was to buy an RV and go on the road full time. We sold some property we had, then had to move out of the condo we were renting as the owner was selling it. We purchased a new RV, downsized and moved in. I had to quit my job, which I loved. Right before all this came about I had gone off my antidepressant and was in the middle of withdrawals. I got thru the withdrawals, and was feeling good by the time we hit the road. About 3 months later I started getting homesick for family and friends and started getting anxious and having some stomach issues. We returned home after 4 months and were there (in an RV park) for about 6 weeks. After being home for 2 weeks I started to feel better. I felt grounded. Then we left and headed south. Started again with the stomach and anxiety
2 weeks later. Ugh!!!! I know it sounds like the perfect life and I'm grateful to get to experience all this, however my body goes into anxiety mode and I feel awful. I should be enjoying this and I want to. I'm at a loss as what to do. My doctor wants me to go on Effexor (a low dose). I'm so afraid of the side effects that MIGHT happen as my withdrawal from Lexapro was not fun. Anyway, thanks for listening.

Dec 23, 2019 · What is your anxiety like? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Lisa, I've had anxiety since I was young. It would manifest as knots in my stomach, or I guess a nervous stomach. Then spiral down to worry, racing thoughts, feeling dizzy or off balance, lack of appetite and sometimes panic I also would get upper chest pains which landed me in the ER several times over the years, only to be told I was fine….. I've been on antidepressants 3 different times in my life. Once in my 30's for a year (Buspar) Once in my late 40's due to a major relocation (again for about a year)(Paxil) and the last time in my late 50"s due to a major life change (Lexapro). The first two times I weaned off with very few side effects. The last time I was put on Lexapro, which helped, and was on it for 8 years. I weaned very slowly but still went through awful withdrawals for almost 10 weeks.
I was 66 when I went off Lexapro (10 moths ago). It was a nightmare. I was on the Lexapro for a long time and having gone through menopause I no longer had sufficient hormones to help. I tried to get back on the Lexapro after about a month but the side effects from trying to get back on were worse. So I had to use all my resources and work thru it. Started acupuncture once a week for 6 weeks, massage, no alcohol , no caffeine, no sugar, B12 shots, meditation, yoga, and a lot of walking. I would have to get up every morning, even though I didn't sleep, and go for a long walk, and would walk again after work, and whenever I would feel the anxiety presenting itself physically. I had good days and bad days. After about 8 weeks I started some CBD oil that I got from a reliable source. It helped get me through. It worked slowly and after using it for about 2 weeks I felt like I was going to be ok and I felt great for about 4 months.. when I started going thru some changes in my life (and they were good changes.) (Change seems to trigger a lot of my anxiety) So here I am again with the nervous stomach, worry, and just general nervousness. I really don't want to go on medication again but definitely have not ruled it out.
I still meditate almost every day using the app Headspace, try to exercise, and watch what I eat and drink. It's a constant struggle and somedays I just think medication would be so helpful. I was tested for the MTHFR gene, which I do have, hence the B12 shots, which help a lot.
These forums have been so helpful. I guess I don't feel so alone . Hey, thanks for listening. Anxiety can be so crippling and all and any support is a God's send.

Dec 7, 2019 · What is your anxiety like? in Depression & Anxiety

I use the app Headspace. It is a guided meditation. The program on headspace that I'm using right now is mediation for Anxiety. Love it. It has helped tremendously. It uses guided meditation plus other skills to help you throughout the day.
Warm Regards……..

Mar 10, 2019 · Lexapro withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you for your reply. I too want to go forward and not backward. Who wants to go down that road again! I thought of trying CBD oil for the anxiety but want to research it some more. I have been biking daily, when it's not snowing and blowing, and walking the dog a couple of times a day. Started meditating using an app called Head Space and trying to go to yoga at least twice a week. Acupuncture has been my "saving grace". It relaxes and quiets the mind and body. I hope it helps with your insomnia it helped with mine. I go once a week for now. Also get a vitamin B12 shot weekly. Gave up gluten, dairy . sugar, alcohol, caffeine. Really miss coffee but it's a little too stimulating for now. Have been eating more protein, healthy fats, veggies and low carbohydrates. Seems to help. I think my body needs time to adjust to no pharmaceuticals. Can't believe what havoc these drugs cause to your system.
Good luck to you. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

Mar 7, 2019 · Lexapro withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

Hi mammabird74, How's it going your withdrawal from Lexapro? I'm curious because I went off of the generic form of lexapro, after being on it for 8 years. It's been 6 weeks since I took my last pill, after weaning very slowly. I had a few symptoms right after, felt better then rebounded with awful; anxiety at around 4 weeks. Do you have any tips or insight? My Doctor says to go back on but not sure that I want to. This anxiety is wearing me down. Thank you