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Thu, Mar 21 3:18am · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@jmjlove , can can certainly relate until my late 40s I continue doing what I wanted to despite the pain, I was going to let it stop me. Then something changed with what my body was going thru , I suddenly started putting on weight despite no diet change ,began to have balance issues ,would just stumble and fall, trouble walking stairs. I lost confidence in my body abilities. The less mobile I was the more pain and weight gain. Vicious circle had begin. My anxiety got worse to the point I was scared to drive at times . I became a shut in spending most my time in my room . The few friends I had drifted away I don't have many family members left. I've found myself lonely with little support. Feeling pretty much alone in this world. Things changed so fast and so drastically for me there was no time to adjust or learn coping stills. I feel like I'm live in someone else's body, this can be me but then I look in the mirror and can't believe the image I see. I feel pure disgust with myself. The meds I been put on plus hypothyroidism make losing wait a challenge but im trying hard to shed some lbs, but it's slow…extra weit means extra pain of course, and worry has made my anxiety un controllable. I try to take one day at a time , but patientous is not my strong suit.

Thu, Mar 21 2:32am · MEDICATIONS, HELP OR HINDER?? in Depression & Anxiety

@elwooodsdad , I agree 100% I have struggled with depression and terrible anxiety for 30 yrs. And have tried everything on the market, some helped for awhile, some didn't. But i never felt suicidal as a result of the med . But hopelessness and helplessness I felt from giving up and not fighting to find answers and solutions to my problems is only time I have thought of suicide as an option. Education on the problems gives me the empowerment I need to keep trying.

Thu, Mar 21 2:14am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@rascal1, I'm a big fan of lavender at bedtime and in a hot bath . The scent is very relaxing to me. I fight insomnia alot and use a few drops in a carrier oil or lotion and just rub it in to arms ,neck and chest so I can smell it well and do believe it helps as much as any of the med I have ever tried . Just a precaution go easy and always use a carrier until you see your not going to have any skin sensitivity to it .GOOD LUCK

Thu, Mar 21 2:01am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@lalyfa , I have questions about the cbc oil. Maybe you could help me with first I have fibromyalgia and alot of pain. I also deal with alot of anxiety and depression and the medications I've been on just aren't controlling any of it to a point I can function. Do you use the cbc oil for pain ? Or more as a help for depression and anxiety? How did you know which brand to trust , some of the ads you see out there seem a bit questionable. So I've been reluctant to try until I know I'm going to be getting the real thing, you know. I would like to hear more feedback about its effects on pain and it's role in control of anxiety and depression. So please you and other members let me know your thoughts on it.

Mon, Mar 11 11:17am · bipolar issues in Mental Health

@healthytoday no I've not tried it ,you see so many brands out there you never know which are for real and which are scams. Do you know a trustworthy brand? Because I would give it a try. Thanks

Mon, Mar 11 11:05am · bipolar issues in Mental Health

@karen00 that for listening and when you find the next helpful med. Please let me know!! I was so bummed when I couldn't stay on latuda it really seems to make a difference for me even in the few months I was taking it. Take care now

Sun, Mar 10 1:06pm · Inability to live a normal life. in Epilepsy & Seizures

@tdib I also read the mighty they do have heplful and some inspiring articles to read . They would be worth looking into.

Sun, Mar 10 1:00pm · Inability to live a normal life. in Epilepsy & Seizures

@tdib, hi you mention not driving which I also have problems with but in the rural area where I live I have no choice but to be at home alone I'm 30 miles from my doctors any family, my family wouldn't bother to come to my house to see me so to keep any kind of relationship I have to go to them when they find time for me. How do you find people to be friends with all my friend have drifted away from me ,now noone even bothers with a phone call to me. So I'm living a lonely life as a shut in the only places I go are the grocery store or a doctor appt. I know I'm not a real outgoing person have always been shy and it seems it's pretty easy to forget I even exist. I don't know how to get out to make new friends that one of the main reasons I'm here on connect. Any input on how to keep family and friends from forgetting about you?