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Mar 6, 2019 · Year lasting cough in Lung Health

It's always yellow, never really changes in thickness, and no I haven't contacted my doctor about it yet

Mar 5, 2019 · Extreme amounts of phlegm in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I suffer the same, the only thing that´s showing promise for me is scented oils, and trying not to drink anything shortly after coughing phlegm up

Mar 5, 2019 · Year lasting cough in Lung Health

OK so I'm Zachary Smith, 14
And I've been coughing up phlegm ever since I was 7, I end up having to do it at the most inconvenient times, The worst part about it is, if I don't cough any up after a long time it shows in my voice, like i have something stuck in my throat, then I cough violently…
Any advice on how to get rid of it? I can't cope with having to spit in a bucket before I go to sleep much longer…

Mar 5, 2019 · Excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

I've been having the same issue, for a few years actually, It just leads to me having to cough it up but it's a continuous issue, if I go a while without coughing some up it shows in my voice, then I end up coughing violently