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Tue, Mar 12 4:16pm · Parents overnight in CSICU in Heart & Blood Health

Hi! Surgery went great! Now recovery is a little challenging but she’s doing a great job. I was able to stay in the ICU room with my daughter but my husband had to sleep in the waiting room. It was nice now that the waiting rooms had recliners, not the most comfortable but a lot better than the chairs and tiny couches they use to have! Thanks for responding back!

Mon, Mar 11 3:21pm · Parents overnight in CSICU in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you! 😊😁

Tue, Mar 5 1:07pm · Parents overnight in CSICU in Heart & Blood Health

Hi again! My daughter is 10, and having surgery to repair a leaky valve. In July of 2017, she was hospitalized for Sydenham Chorea with Rheumatic Fever turned into Rheumatic Heart Disease. This all started with an untreated strep throat. Sydenham Chorea is the result of this and causes involuntary body movements, slurred speech which upgrades to being unable to form or complete sentences, being unable to eat and dress themselves and help using the bathroom.
After treatment in the hospital, months of speech and physical therapy are needed to retrain the brain to talk, walk, be able to eat on their own, go to the bathroom on their own and anything else the brain tells the body to do. A year and a half later she is now able to function like a normal child with the exception of reoccurrences of the Chorea but that is treated with a antipsychotic medication. Now it’s time to fix her heart because it’s slowly getting worse and worse with each appointment.

She was born a healthy normal girl with no heart problems but from just one untreated strep throat she had to fight to regain control of her body and has to now fight again to repair and heal her heart. She eventually will need another surgery when she gets older to repair or replace her leaky valve because this current repair will eventually give out again.

Tue, Mar 5 12:21pm · Parents overnight in CSICU in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you for your response. I did see this information as well before I posted this discussion, I was just hoping to get more clarity on it. It does state that they are private rooms but I was wondering if these rooms had the availability for parents to stay over night.

Tue, Mar 5 11:13am · Parents overnight in CSICU in Heart & Blood Health

Hi! My daughter is having heart surgery on Monday to repair her mitral valve, can parents sleep overnight with their child in the CSICU?