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Oct 3, 2019 · Getting a 2nd opinion from inside the Mayo...is "offensive"? in Spine Health

With the PPACA mandate requiring all practitioners maintain electronic medical records for patients, second opinions no longer exists. The loyalty among the brotherhood of doctors is too strong to disagree.

With the large medical providers in cities taking over independent doctors’ practices and the rules and policies that they make the doctors comply with, doctors simply no longer have the freedom to practice
their own opinions else their contracts be terminated.

Two misdiagnosis I’ve had have proven the above to be true. In both experiences a resulting honest follow-up doctor indicated that radiologists are required to list everything they see and resultant what that may be is just like what the pharmaceutical companies do in listing side effects for prescription medicines; they list everything!

Unfortunately, the patient is a victim. In one of my very serious misdiagnosis, I sought a third opinion in yet another medical providers facility, the doctor was not able to electronically bring up the report on his computer (IT could not figure out why) and I ended up simply walking out of the appointment because he refused to request a repeat test at his medical facility. Because of the scare of the diagnosis, I even had the operation, which turned out to be totally unnecessary.

My second misdiagnosis in October (of the year) was made by a “doctor” who had just completed his medical residency in July of that year. I spent additional monies because I kept getting opinions that said “your medical record shows thus and so”, but I had no symptoms of the condition what the “doctor” had said. Incidentally, I went to my doctor, outside of that medical specialty, who indicated what they were reading on the MRI report was something he had been watching for the past ten years and continues to watch to this day.

Good Luck!

Oct 3, 2019 · Getting a 2nd opinion from inside the Mayo...is "offensive"? in Spine Health

I'm not surprised at all with this posting. I had the identical experience at the Cleveland Clinic. I ended up going to the second large medical provider in Cleveland for a second opinion.

Sep 19, 2019 · Scoliosis and Chronic back pain in Spine Health

Your post is from 2016 and I'm curious as to how you are doing in 2019?

Aug 29, 2019 · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

Camptocormia not coming up!

Aug 29, 2019 · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

Nothing came up under Camptocornia. Is there a url that you can give us to click?

Mar 7, 2019 · CRPS in Chronic Pain

Oh my, now I'm leery of pursuing Stiffman Syndrome. Thank you so much for your post; I would welcome hearing more of what you are going through. I'm new to this site and not sure how this works … would like to continue hearing your experiences.

Mar 6, 2019 · CRPS in Chronic Pain

Could CRPS be related to Stiff Man(Person) Syndrome? Never heard of either until recently and my doctor said both could be possibilities re: my pain.