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Tue, Apr 2 1:31pm · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

Nothing correlates as far as I can see. They all seem to recommend cancer preventing drugs which come with its own set of risks. For me I was researching after a year of hell of waiting for biopsy results. One woman on a fb group page wrote. “Would you get on a plane if it had a 20 percent chance of going down.” Granted that is not a great example. I personally have lost trust in the system. For years I felt that I was doing everything so that I can catch something in time unlike many of my family members that have passed. My family tree is so sad. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect for a doctor to tell me that they have a hard time seeing lobular since it forms lines similar to those in normal imaging. I became angry. I hope and pray my pathology comes back ok. What I am doing tomorrow is making me feel in more in control than I have felt in years. I pray for all of us those who have gotten sick from implants and just anyone touched in any way by cancer because it affects everyone involved. I am so sorry you are thinking of all of this also. It is not fair and upsetting. Please message I will be happy to talk or exchange thoughts about the process I am going through or anything. Good luck ❤️

Tue, Apr 2 11:54am · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

Completely agree. My alh pathology was an accidental finding at age 50. How do I know this hasn’t been there for 15 years. How can I get a 20 percent chance over 5-15 years of being discovered. Very unsettling

Sun, Mar 31 2:39pm · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

Hi. Thank you for your well wishes. The plastic surgeon did not think I was a good candidate for one procedure. I was originally upset but he explained why and the more I thought about it I felt so overwhelmed making the decision of what I wanted anyway (silicone, saline or DIEP). I felt a sense of relief not having to make that decision yet. The ps said since I am larger chested that does not make me a good candidate for direct implant. Also in February I had a bilateral lumpectomy with reconstruction and he felt putting a heavy implant at the time of the mastectomy would jeopardize the blood supply to the breast. I spoke to many woman who have been through this and was surprised to find that several have reconstruction the same way. It’s called immediate reconstruction but not direct.

Sun, Mar 31 5:53am · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

My surgery is this week. I am 50 yrs old. I am scheduled for nspbm with expanders. I hope to do ok and I hope to have DIEP at some point in the next few months. I am honestly terrified but this past year when An enhanced 6 cm nodular nonmass was found on my mri I felt a total loss of control. This was only two months after having a biopsy that showed a benign fibroadeonoma on the other breast. The fear that went through me that week was worse. I felt betrayed after having mammos and Sonos every year and doing everything I was suppose to do. I always felt we as woman were in control by having our yearly mammograms. This year I found that lobular hyperplasia and chances doesn’t always show up on imaging and that mad me angry. One one of three surgeons agreed to remove the fiboadenoma along with the nonmass on the opposite side. That is where the alh was found

Sat, Mar 30 5:41am · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

That was impressive. Personally for me just based on how the diagnosis has changed back and forth over the years from pre cancer to benign to “increased risk”. This was enough for me to make the decision of pbm. With that said I am not a good candidate for tamoxifen since I have RA to begin with. I did read somewhere that up to 40% are unable to stay on tamoxifen due to side affects. As others have said it’s not an easy decision either way. Now I am faced with the decision of implants or diep flap with the latest news on implants. Another scary decision. This is a journey even without a cancer diagnosis. Prayers to all of us faces with this decision on how to proceed.

Tue, Mar 5 5:35am · Anyone dealing with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)? in Breast Cancer

I am same timeline and same diagnosis. I am scheduled for surgery. I would continue looking until you find a surgeon that will respect your decision. I’m sorry you have to go through this too.

Tue, Mar 5 5:26am · Anyone dealing with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)? in Breast Cancer

Hi! Just saw your post and my situation is very similar. I am scheduled for a mastectomy in April. Did you decide on the same?