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Mon, Mar 4 2:00pm · Bowel wall thickening in Autoimmune Diseases

I have concerns about my recent visit to ER with right side abdomen pain in which I have had off and on for 5 years, 5-CT Scans, 5-Ultrasounds, 1-EGD, 2-colonoscopies which did show the diverticula and two polyps taken out each time, but the good ones as they put it , lots of labs and finally something shows up; Mild Wall Thickening of my ascending colon????? I am a 60 Year Old Male and not sure what to think of the findings, ER NP said Colitis and gave me two antibiotics, could not get into my regular Gastrologist for 3 months so went to Allied Physician Gastrologist NP who really doesn't seam concerned and said well you have had allot of tests, have you had a Hida Scan? Now my research on a Hida Scan would have nothing to do with wall thickening of my ascending colon, and then I read at least 10% of the colonoscopies done never even go down into the ascending colon or cecum colon, but of course never tell you that so it gives you a false sense of security thinking your colon is being fully checked out, when in many cases it is not. :

DATE OF EXAM: 02/06/2019 at 1318 hours.

CLINICAL INDICATION: Abdominal pain for "several months."

TECHNIQUE: Automated exposure control, and/or adjustment of the mA
and/or kV according to the patient's size, and/or iterative
reconstruction technique was used to lower the radiation dose.

Axial helical images of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained from lung
bases through the pubic symphysis with intravenous contrast. Coronal
and sagittal multiplanar reformatted images of the abdomen and pelvis
were provided. Comparison to the prior examination from 03/19/2017 on file.

FINDINGS: No acute abnormalities are seen in the lung bases.
The liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and adrenals are

No acute abnormalities are seen in the kidneys, in the ureters, or in
the urinary bladder. The prostate and the seminal vesicles appear
age-appropriate. No significant free pelvic fluid is visualized.

The stomach is unremarkable. The small bowel is normal in caliber. The
appendix is normal. There are scattered colonic diverticula. Mild wall
thickening is noted in the ascending segment.

The aorta is nonaneurysmal. There is a mild atherosclerotic disease.
The portal vein is patent. There is no evidence of free
intraperitoneat air. No lymphadenopathy is appreciated.

No suspicious osseous lesions are appreciated.

1.- Mild wall thickening of the ascending colon. Underdistention versus
mild colitis.

2.- No acute abnormalities are otherwise seen in the abdomen and
pelvis. lncidental findings as described above.