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Tue, Feb 25 12:13pm · Possible Testicular Cancer in Cancer

Among all the other issues I have been having over the past few years I forgot about doing self examinations on myself. Well I finally did and found the lump. I called my primary and told him. He set up the Ultrasound and after they messed up the first one and missed the lump somehow?, I talked to the office manager and they did another one free of charge. I had them send the report and Ultrasound to my primary and my Urologist. Normally it takes about two months to get in to see my urologist, but they got me in about two weeks after getting the report and scan. He has been rated in the top 10% nationwide in his field four years running. I certainly trust his opinion and judgement. Sad to say, but Truly the only good Doctor I have ever seen. I simply messed up and did not do my self exams as I was told back in 2016 which is the last time I saw him for enlarged prostrate issues.

Tue, Feb 25 9:51am · Possible Testicular Cancer in Cancer

I am curious to find out symptoms of others with or have had testicular cancer. There is a good possibility I may have it, they have already said it looks like a 9mm tumor on one testicle, so I see the urologist March 5th for further consolation.
Date: 02/11/2020
Small indeterminate mass in the left scrotal dermis. Correlate clinically to determine if a three month follow up soft tissue ultrasound would be helpful to ensure stability.
Left inferior testicle mass.
No comparison.
Real-time ultrasonography of the scrotum was performed including color Doppler.
Patient was re-examined for a nodule at the inferior aspect of the left scrotum. Within the scrotal dermis is an 8 x 9 x 5 mm isoechoic minimally vascular mass like lesion with somewhat irregular margins of uncertain etiology, not typical of an abscess or hematoma. A soft tissue tumor could be present. This is not related to the left testicle or epididymis.

We will see how this turns out and if it has caused my abdominal issues I have had over the past 6 years that there has been no diagnosis on? Not sure how slow testicle cancer can grow, but if it moved into my lymph nodes around my right kidney could explain a lot. Also explain the right breast pain and enlargement I have had for at least three years and have had two mammograms on to no avail. They chalked it up to Gynecomastia in my one breast, but now the picture could be different?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Tue, Feb 25 9:22am · Anyone with similar symptoms & test results for abdominal pain? in Digestive Health

I have had somewhat similar symptoms since January 2014. Had countless tests, from numerous CT's, Ultrasounds, MRIE, EGD, 3-colonoscopies, etc.. It has been so frustrating and somewhat depressing because it has affected my life tremendously. I am 61 years old and feel like I will never get to the bottom of it. I live in Tucson Arizona and have to admit that Northwest Medical Center has not been very good at any kind of diagnosis. Nearly all their employees and internal services are sub contracted out to include radiology. In February 2019 I went to ER with the pain pretty bad on my right side abdomen once again where it always has been for the most part and had yet another abdominal CT Scan and this time they flagged mild ascending colon wall thickening. I thought this would be the smoking gun and someone would come up with a diagnosis. They had me see a sub contracted gastologist who sent me for an abdominal ultrasound and a gallbladder ultrasound and then performed another colonoscopy at Northwest Medical Center and he said all was good in the report, follow up in 5 years. Took no biopsies in the area of the wall thickening. In fact no samples anywhere. It was more like a screening and not a diagnostic colonoscopy. I went and saw him once after the fact in April 2019 and he claimed he saw no wall thickening on the CT Scan. I had the Hospital Review the Radiology Findings and they claimed they stood behind their findings. I got no where with them or the gastrologist. It has been a frustrating 6 years of lots of tests and labs, etc., but no diagnosis, yet the problem just slowly progresses. At times the pain will radiate to my groin area, back, shoulder blade, arm and down my arm, but the only finding so far is ascending colon wall thickening, or should I say disputed finding. I have lost faith in the medical system and Have come to believe it is all about money and not helping the patient for the most part anymore. All these Hospitals and Medical Centers are getting bought up by Medical Investment companies and sub contracting all their internal services out which has appeared to hurt the system tremendously.

Mar 4, 2019 · Bowel wall thickening in Autoimmune Diseases

I have concerns about my recent visit to ER with right side abdomen pain in which I have had off and on for 5 years, 5-CT Scans, 5-Ultrasounds, 1-EGD, 2-colonoscopies which did show the diverticula and two polyps taken out each time, but the good ones as they put it , lots of labs and finally something shows up; Mild Wall Thickening of my ascending colon????? I am a 60 Year Old Male and not sure what to think of the findings, ER NP said Colitis and gave me two antibiotics, could not get into my regular Gastrologist for 3 months so went to Allied Physician Gastrologist NP who really doesn't seam concerned and said well you have had allot of tests, have you had a Hida Scan? Now my research on a Hida Scan would have nothing to do with wall thickening of my ascending colon, and then I read at least 10% of the colonoscopies done never even go down into the ascending colon or cecum colon, but of course never tell you that so it gives you a false sense of security thinking your colon is being fully checked out, when in many cases it is not. :

DATE OF EXAM: 02/06/2019 at 1318 hours.

CLINICAL INDICATION: Abdominal pain for "several months."

TECHNIQUE: Automated exposure control, and/or adjustment of the mA
and/or kV according to the patient's size, and/or iterative
reconstruction technique was used to lower the radiation dose.

Axial helical images of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained from lung
bases through the pubic symphysis with intravenous contrast. Coronal
and sagittal multiplanar reformatted images of the abdomen and pelvis
were provided. Comparison to the prior examination from 03/19/2017 on file.

FINDINGS: No acute abnormalities are seen in the lung bases.
The liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and adrenals are

No acute abnormalities are seen in the kidneys, in the ureters, or in
the urinary bladder. The prostate and the seminal vesicles appear
age-appropriate. No significant free pelvic fluid is visualized.

The stomach is unremarkable. The small bowel is normal in caliber. The
appendix is normal. There are scattered colonic diverticula. Mild wall
thickening is noted in the ascending segment.

The aorta is nonaneurysmal. There is a mild atherosclerotic disease.
The portal vein is patent. There is no evidence of free
intraperitoneat air. No lymphadenopathy is appreciated.

No suspicious osseous lesions are appreciated.

1.- Mild wall thickening of the ascending colon. Underdistention versus
mild colitis.

2.- No acute abnormalities are otherwise seen in the abdomen and
pelvis. lncidental findings as described above.