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1 hour ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

The neuropathy comes and goes, and I learned nothing when I went to the neurologist doctor. She said exercise wouldn't help but I do it anyway. I continue to blame some of my problems on nerve damage from the back surgery. I went to Florida, ate a strict diet by cooking my own meals, and walked as much as I could. I don't think I improved any of my health issues, but my slacks fit a little better. My weight did not decline as I had hoped. My blood pressure has declined and I have dropped one of my pills which made me feel worse. Sometimes my BP is quite low and once in a while it spikes. I plan to be active planting garden in waist high benches this spring and not dwell on my physical ailments at age 84. It is what it is. Dorisena

2 hours ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Looking back over the years of foot problems and helpful cures, I really recommend stretching the feet with the rubber bands, in four directions every day to improve the feet, according to your conditions. I cured my plantar fasciitis without surgery with the help of my grandchildren who loved to pull the bands for resistance therapy. It took months but that problem entirely went away. I have some neuropathy and am working on some causes and therapies. With any form of diabetes, diet and exercise are essential for control and improvement. Now I concentrate on losing some pounds, which is a slow process. Dorisena

Fri, Feb 7 5:11pm · Morning glucose test - higher when cold? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Katia, I eat $4 a loaf bread that has sprouted grains and sometimes I eat rye bread because it has some flavor. I no longer want white bread at all. I bought a mixed jar of brown rice, wild rice and a little white rice which seems to work well and I put a veggie in it as well. I like sauted mushrooms in the mix. Yes, the weight seems to want to stay on, doesn't it. But I have six months to lose around the waist in order to get into a nice dress for my granddaughter's wedding. I didn't gain at Christmas because I am accustomed to behaving myself and not eating the sweets. I put four pieces of candy in the freezer and just ate them last week. I don't bake cookies anymore. Once in a while I bake muffins with applesauce or apples, or blueberries and low sugar. I miss spaghetti and only have it every few months. I am hungry for a veggie pizza and good ones are hard to find. I eat a lot of salmon. I haven't had ice cream since last May. I will have to have some for a birthday, eventually. I am looking forward to new raised benches for gardening this spring. Dorisena

Wed, Feb 5 10:00am · Hypothyroidism Diagnosis in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Yes, Kat 3, you are describing my life. I tried pills for my mental status, and quit them in short order when I could not quit working. I told the doctor to give the pills to my husband as he was the one with the problem. Sometimes I report to my doctor that my "lima beans" are back in my neck and he laughs and feels my neck and says nothing. Working on my diet has produced the best results of anything I have tried. My Endo says I must take low doses of thyroid to prevent cancer but the surgeon declared me cured of cancer after the thyroid removal. I know I must lose weight and exercise more. I know it takes a lot of sleep because of getting up in the night for the bathroom.
At last I can say I am feeling better in the morning when I wake up. Of course I want more. Dorisena

Tue, Feb 4 12:20pm · Hypo and Hyper thyroid hell!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Primary doctors don't know everything and new research can provide helpful clues for better health. I am 84 and have dealt with low thyroid since my early adult years, and since I had no access to education at the time, just have lived with it all these years until I was diagnosed with cancerous nodules on my thyroid and had it removed. One doctor gave me thyroid pills which didn't seem to do much, and I blamed my lack of energy on stress which was bad at the time. I changed doctors and he said to go without pills for a month and be tested. Then he said I didn't need thyroid pills. Now I have low energy which my primary doctor blames on diabetes and I still drag myself through life. The endocrinologist said my numbers are perfect now with low doses and she dismissed me to my primary doctor. I eat carefully and try to learn more to help myself, but really don't have any answers. Looking back, I wish I would have had the energy for a sport or dancing but that thought is gone now. I watch a lot of sports instead and cheer them on. I am doing o.k., I guess. Dorisena

Wed, Jan 22 6:49pm · Morning glucose test - higher when cold? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have accidently led a good life on the farm, and in addition to the fresh veggies and fruit, I have been on well water, softened, since I was six. I have had my house well tested and believe I am about as safe as can be, since it comes through sandy soils. It is too difficult for me to carry home bottled water, and for a while I drank "hard" water from the pump just because I liked it. But I don't drink enough water and am trying to correct that. So I can't say for sure what programs do the best for my body, but I believe it all helps keep me going in the end. And I do realize that too many farm families are obese, but with education and supporting each other we can remedy some of our health issues. My children's families are eating healthier and going to the gym. So we are making progress slowly. And I don't have a water usage bill, and don't use much softener salt. I aim for comfort these days. Dorisena

Tue, Jan 21 11:15am · Experience with Trulicity (Dulaglutide) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I was born with eczema and have itched with something all my life. Although I have learned to desensitize myself against some allergens, it is prudent to consider the effects of medicines as I am sensitive to so much. That is the main reason I stick to a diet and exercise program to manage diabetes, however I do take Metformin at night. I can sleep through most medicines that could bother me, and this trick was taught to me by my family doctor whose interest was in allergies. I hate staying inside, and know that sun helps the vitamin D that I need, so I tolerate the weeds, wind, and rain to get the vegetables grown in my garden which helps decrease the diabetes. I wish I had been educated and warned about diabetes when I was young enough to help prevent it. A pill is probably not the answer, and discipline is the motivation for improvement and better health. We keep studying. Dorisena

Mon, Jan 20 5:56pm · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

You should live as far south as Virginia to grow peanuts, and I live in Central Ohio. They are a long season, sandy soil crop, and you need a place to dry them before baking them. I have the sandy soil, but won't try it again. I don't buy much for the birds because there is enough for them on the farm. The squirrels go into the field, drag the corn to my front yard, and eat away. Then I have to pick up the cobs. In the winter I feed birds but not Blue Jays because they chase away the other birds. I never saw an anti-inflammation diet, but the allergist said I shouldn't eat peanuts. I have always eaten them anyway.
I do know that sugar makes my knees ache, however they have both been replaced. I am not going to give up milk, either. I ate peanut butter at night to cure my low blood sugar years ago and it worked. When our business burned down in the middle of the night, I sucked on peanut butter to keep from fainting.
Protein is the big help in both low and high blood sugar. Peanut butter absorbs slowly. Dorisena