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Mar 5, 2019 · Brain Mets in Cancer

Thank you Wendeth, is comforting to know their are people around who will advice & support you 👍
I have the most Amazing Hubby , Andy & 2 Daughter’s & a Son their fabulous. I find though that when they ask how I am I just say fine thanks as I don’t like to worry or upset them. That’s why sites like this one is Fabulous , Take Care Hun & Thanks for getting in touch X X X

Mar 4, 2019 · Smelling cancer! in Breast Cancer

First time I noticed a smell was when I was in Hospital been told I had Brain Mets, no one else could smell it & I was a bit Gaga at the time ! It was with me for a couple of days but wasn’t offensive it was quite a sweet smell. It went until today for a few seconds but it’s frightened me that something ‘s not right ?

Mar 4, 2019 · Brain Mets in Cancer

No wasn’t in ICU had got to Hospital before it went to far . Really poorly for first 2/3 Days but pick up pretty quick once IV Antibiotics get into my system. I’ve had it about 4 times & have also had Cellulitis, these illnesses are due to a low immune system because of Chemotherapy. Apart
from pain after major surgery, I’d gone at least a year with Cancer & not knowing. It’s the treatment’s that make you so ill & OMG don’t they make you poorly X

Mar 4, 2019 · Brain Mets in Cancer

Hi all , new to the group but hoping for some support & that I can support others ? I have 3 or 4 Tumours on my Brain , Breast Cancer diagnosed 2 half years ago. Nothing ever found in Breasts but we’re Breast Cancer Cells found in Hip , Femur & Liver . Tratuzamab & Pertuzamab every 3 weeks had Radiotherapy just before Christmas & it’s left me really tired & miserable. I’m terrified that I might start having Epileptic Fits & I’ve found myself staying Home in Bed all Day, frightened . I sometimes take my Sleeping Tablet or a
Dose of Morphine to hopefully send me to sleep so I don’t have to think about things. Woke up startled earlier with what I call a sweet smell which I had when first told it had spread to my Brain. I was in Hospital, confused & had a Brain Scan but kept
smelling this smell & smelt it tonight so terrified something’s going to happen ? How do others live with Brain Mets ? Was getting on pretty well with life before this developed Sepsis a couple of times, had been poorly a few times , but then once Home was quite active & Happy Radiotherapy has knocked me for six !
How’s others coping ? Any advice would be most welcome , Thanks X