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Mar 3, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi, I'm 44 I just had a makoplasty, a partial knee replacememt on my left knee, I cant get it to bend past 70 degrees and its 2 and a half weeks out of surgery, I've been reading posts and it seems like some people make scar tissue more than others. Is there a way to fond out if that is the problem?
My surgeon said at the 5 week mark if I cant move it to 90 degrees he will put me under and manipulate it, that scares me though…

What is that like? Is it painful? Can you continue moving it when you wake up? Will you just make more scar tissue ?

I should be more aggressive at home but it hurts, it does not want to bend, the pain upon bending is enormous and then straightening it out is bad.

I can straighten my knee to negative 4 degrees which they tell me is good, it's just the bending that has me in a panic.

** also how mong does it take to be able to passively bend the knee …? They can push it painfully to 80 degrees but I cant just sit down at 70 or 80 I sit at like 40 or 60 degrees.

Also how long till I'm off I'm Walker?

ANY advice help or stories or explanations would be so grateful. I am terrified i made a mistake by doing this surgery and now I'll never bend my knee or be in constant pain or jave multiple surgeries.

I really cant go through another SURGERY