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Tue, Aug 6 4:42pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

And just out, published in JAMA ( Journal of the American Medical Association): "Our data suggest a lower risk of AF (atrial fibrillation) among men who reported coffee consumption of 1 to 3 cups/day."

Tue, Aug 6 4:40pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm fully aware of the magneisum research and also that it is intracellular magnesium – not blood levels – that are needed to truly see if a person is magnesium deficit ( a very strong cause of arrhythmia). Also PPIs deplete magnesium. I disagree about caffeine . I look at the science. YES, it causes palpitations in many people but not everyone and cardiologists are surprised that multiple studies show coffee is not the factor they thought it was in inducing a-fib. The explanation is, perhaps, that based on genetic differences, people metabolize caffeine different. Of course, perfectly health young people have DIED from mammoth ingestion of caffeine in supplements and sports drinks. But it is not accurate to claim that nobody should or could drink caffeine if they have arrhythmia. Of course, there's nothing wrong in erring on the side of caution. Here's an interesting article on the subject (an editorial with footnotes to research, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology last year):

Tue, Aug 6 2:28pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I suggest asking your doc about magnesium – helps a lot of people. Also, some common medications are now being hinted at possibly being triggers for arrhythmia. My electrophysiologists thinks PPIs ( over the counter medications for GERD, heartburn) may trigger them in some people..

Tue, Aug 6 10:35am · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I absolutely agree and what works for one person isn't necessarily the key for another. Take caffeine for instance, yes it can and does cause palpitations in some people but not all – may even have the opposite impact in some (rare) and multiple studies which assumed caffeine triggered a-fib found that's not true! Yet, if it true for one person, it is true for THEM. Physiology in humans is not always exactly the same. I would also urge people to especially question medications and not hesitate for a nanosecond to ask " why am I taking this? Are there other alternatives? What is the risk if I don't take it?" and , of course, what are the side effects. Thanks for your comments – I'm delighted you found an answer and are doing well!

Tue, Aug 6 9:45am · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you! I was terrified often, had absolutely no support from then spouse (who was told I "just wanted attention" or so-called friends who told me my extreme racing heart must be panic attacks and to basically shut up about it). It wasa truly life changing experience, however, because I began studying medicine and health on my own when I realized there was NO help for me – and I ended up changing career paths and actually having doctors treat me with respect and often as a colleague, ask me questions about certain research and more. I am appalled by a lot of the inaccurate so-called medical information on the internet and what passes for "health " info on sites pushing agendas and products. I would encourage people to do research to understand what constitutes factual information. And I would also encourage people to ask questions of your doctors – do not put them on a pedestal. Yes, treat them with respect but nobody is perfect and there is certainly prejudice and sometimes intellectual laziness (wanting to make the easy , quick diagnosis to get a patient out of the office, too often with a prescription medication) among physicians. Do not think understanding your body and any medical condition is above your intellectual capacity – most often, it is not. But you need to do the work to learn — and question so you learn more.

Tue, Aug 6 5:38am · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

By the way @jayhawk57 due to your symptoms of weight loss etc, definitely talk to the doctor about pheochromocytoma if you haven't already.

Tue, Aug 6 5:36am · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Look up paroxysmol supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) – a not uncommon heart arrhythmia . I was a runner, did ballet etc and one day while calmly at a cosmetic counter feeling happy looking at lipstick i felt my heart start racing – mine went up to 180 and higher. It would happen like you turned a light switch on and then, off, after 20 minutes.I was young and healthy and I was treated horribly by doctors who treated me as if i wereneurotic , having panic attacks, exaggerating, wanting attentio etc. It took me TWENTY YEARS to get diagnosed. During that time, I did my own research and tried maneuvers to break the tachycardia (whch means a heart rate over 100 pbm) I found in Merck manual and elsewhere .. this was long before we had the internet. Carotid artery massage,pressure on eyes, bearing down – did not work. I finally found for me the mammalian diving reflex ( plunging face in cold water and breathing slowly ) worked like a charm. Due to my work (and my work changed course because of my interest in medicine ) I ended up being respected and not treated like a neurotic person somehow making up my acute episodes – I was in the office of the chairman of the department of medicine, a cardiologist at a large university and health center, due to my work and i finally just let it out – what i had been going through with my heart. In TWO MINUTES he said " you aren't having panic attacks – it's WPW or PSVT . And we can fix it!" I collapsed sobbing. I had given up having someone actually LISTEN TO ME. those were my own "diagnoses" and i was right!! I had worn monitors but never were they kept on me long enough to catch the arrhythmia. Finally this wonderful doctor kept a monitor on me for weeks to document the arrhythmia so insurance would approve an electrophysiology study (EP study); first tried beta blockers but made me feel exhausted and rotten. I had an EP study during which my heart went up to 220 ! an ablation was performed – I went home less than two hours afterwards to cook dinner for my son and only had a few skips here and there over the next 12 years or so. The last 3 years , I've had one recurrence a year oddly . I have a loop recorder now (technology has so improved ) but no more occurrences so far. Sometimes psvt can come back after an ablation – or it may recur so rarely it's no big deal. I hope that's the case now for me. I cannot diagnose you but I can say that it wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about PSVT.

Wed, Jun 19 8:53am · Early or Extra Heartbeats; PVCs in Heart Rhythm Conditions

No, esophageal issues can be triggers of arrhythmia – of course, not in everyone. .In some people, acid reflux triggers exaggerated firing of the esophageal-cardiac reflex, causing palpitations and sometimes may be linked to atrial fibrillation.