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Thu, Mar 7 1:10am · Removal of plate and screws from tibia fracture in Bones, Joints & Muscles

PT is very helpful, but ran a search on this type of repair and possible outcomes. It was not found that this type of repair would result in a Q angle of my knee….which is what has happened. I am now looking at a full knee replacement 2-3 years after the partial, and that sucks. This is why I was reaching out to see if this was a normal, or at least a possible, outcome. By the way, the tibial plateau fracture was from a simple twisting break, not traumatic car accident that may have caused miss-alignment.

Tue, Mar 5 2:41pm · Removal of plate and screws from tibia fracture in Bones, Joints & Muscles

A little quiet….which is why I'm asking here.

Mon, Mar 4 1:01pm · Removal of plate and screws from tibia fracture in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had repair for a displaced tibial plateau fracture in Aug 2018….6 months ago. the repair was done quickly (2 days later) because it happened on my knee with a 9-mo old medial knee replacement. I did my time of non-weight bearing (90 days) and am still enduring physical therapy….tough to re-awaken those muscles after they begin to atrophy. My question, however, is about the leg shape. My leg, at the knee, is approx. 5 degrees off from straight outward from my body. In other words, when my knees meet, my feet do not. When I put my feet together in a standing position, one knee MUST be in front of the other. It is throwing off the rest of my body, since I'm out of alignment. Most of us can handle a little of this, but I have arthritis over all of my body (osteo) and I have been able to continue to more regularly, but this is causing major issues with my feet, my hips, my lower back. Really irritating! My main question is this: is this normal? Is this something I just have to live with? Do others have this same issue?

Sat, Mar 2 2:08pm · Partial knee replacement in Joint Replacements

In my neck of the woods, you need to wait 1 year for bone to solidify for another surgery…unless it is emergency. Also, from what I hear, not all ortho surgeons should do partials….it like putting grandma's teacup back together after it is broken, and expecting to be able to drink tea from it…only a few are skilled enough to do this.

Sat, Mar 2 1:59pm · Sleeping comfortably with a new Total Knee- advice needed! in Joint Replacements

PM includes antihistamine…in OTC dosage. Just took the edge off the pain. I learned this when I had the hands worked on…those are very VERY painful (LOTS of little nerves) and was in a cast with full elevation for 6-8 weeks (they take a tendon from your lower arm and create a new joint, so time in healing is a must). I was on narcotics for the entire time in cast…then weaned off. Learned from a very good doc that you can be more creative with meds as long as you are under the dosage. I got sick from anything I took at their dosage (gee…used to get high from Ipubrofen, so go figure??). So…instead of 2 percosets every 4-6 hours, I would take one every 3-4 hours…etc. I just used that same thought process as I got off them…reduce…see how you do…reduce more…etc. I hate the feeling of being on them, but they are a necessary evil in my mind, as long as my goal is to get off them all.

Sat, Mar 2 12:07pm · Sleeping comfortably with a new Total Knee- advice needed! in Joint Replacements

Since movement within reason is the goal, my doctors encouraged whatever position allowed me to move. Keep knee elevated during day while sitting, but keep it flat with body at night. If you are not sleeping, you will not heal. After I weaned off the narcotics (as quickly as possible), I would use Tylenol PM to help on nights when I could not get comfortable. Btw…I weaned off narcotics by getting off during day first…the going down in strength over time at night…1 pill…1/2 pill…1/4 pill, then just tylenol. This worked for my 2 medial knee replacements, my repair of spiral fracture of the fibula and my tibial plateau fracture repair.