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Wed, Feb 26 6:16am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Count me in! Our daily walking group stopped when the weather turned cold here in CT. – Pam

Aug 31, 2019 · Finding a great specialist for hearing loss: Who should I see? in Hearing Loss

I live in CT and got excellent results visiting an audiologist at UCONN. I would try getting an appointment with someone at a University there if they have an audiology program. You sometimes must wait, so I would explain your situation so they might see you sooner. I hope you find someone who can help you. Let us know how you do.

Jul 21, 2019 · What's One Thing You'd Change in Getting Hearing Aids? in Hearing Loss

The next time around I will want Bluetooth to stream music from my phone while walking and to have the ability to send calls directly from my phone to the aids. Right now this is not super important since I’ve retired and can live without it, but in new aids I’d definitely want that along with a T-coil, as I have now, to take advantage of Hearing Loops in airports, etc.
More important than new aids is to find an audiologist who cares more about the patients needs than the profit they’re making off the aids. I have an 8 year old pair that work fine. I’ve recently visited the Hearing Clinic at UCONN, had the aids tweaked, and walked away hearing better than I have in years. When the time comes to replace these I’ll feel comfortable with my choice, instead of being rushed into a purchase just because they happen to be old, but perfectly functional now. I would recommend anyone go to their local university that has a hearing clinic. You’ll get an honest opinion from someone that’s not so profit driven, who’s skilled in the latest technology.

Jun 3, 2019 · Anxiety and disbelief over sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in Hearing Loss

Years ago I had a sudden hearing loss in one ear. My ENT sent me for some sort of brain-wave type test that I believe checks the auditory nerve and rules out any sort of tumor. He also took it a step farther with an MRI. The tests found nothing, and now years later both ears are almost at the same level of hearing loss. From how you describe this I would recommend more testing, doesn’t sound like they checked a lot, but I know these doctors don’t like to be told what to do. I’ve been a member of HLAA for quite some time. They are a wonderful organization and might be able to direct you to someone who can help or have members who may have a similar problem. I hope you find some relief soon.

Jun 2, 2019 · Phonak Nadia...Perennial Problems..What should be my brand? in Hearing Loss

You may want to see your ENT for checking your ears for wax. I go to mine every six months. Sometimes removing wax yourself causes more problems. I wear Widex aids, have been happy with them, but they’re in their 7th year and should be replaced. They have never stopped working in all those years so I can’t complain, but at $6,000 aids are a huge investment, especially when you’re retired. I also use a Dry n Store which helps to keep the aids dry and easier to clean. Have heard lots of good things about Oticon. The HLAA has a convention in June in Rochester. All the major vendors will be there. Worth going if you’re able to get there.

Mar 22, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@wired4sound how wonderful for you! I had been told for years there was nothing that could be done with my hearing. At age 60, in 2011, I saw an ENT who told me my hearing could most definitely be improved with aids. I was fitted with a pair of Widex Clear. I can’t put into words how thrilling it was to hear a bird chirp and hear my footsteps on the sidewalk. My first memory of not hearing goes back to probably age 3 or 4. I had many ear infections and high fevers. School bullies had a field day with me. What they thought was being stuck up was simply not hearing them. My hearing loss is not as great as yours, but I can just imagine how thrilled you must have been when first you heard sound. I’ve learned from this that we all have to be our own advocates. Don’t take no for an answer. See as many doctors as you can and never give up!

Mar 2, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Have had a hearing loss since childhood, but just began wearing aids in 2011. Was told in the past my hearing wasn’t correctable. Lost so many years, misunderstandings, and socializing because of this. Am looking to replace my hearing aids which are very expensive so doing some research so I make the right choice in the replacement.