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Sat, Sep 21 9:18pm · Real Ear test in Hearing Loss

My audiologist does do hearing tests with aids in, but it does not seem as extensive as the ENT hearing test in a sound proof booth.
But the report showed the same dropoff in hearing as I had several years ago. I have heard that Phonak may have current lead in ha's so will look at those as well as Oticon when its time to replace current aids.

Sat, Sep 21 5:35am · Real Ear test in Hearing Loss

I have had Oticon hearing aids for almost 2 years now and love them as they give me much greater clarity. I also have TV Adaptor that allows Oticon aids to connect to digital out TV signal with surround sound high quality independent of TV speakers that my wife still uses. I also use bluetooth to listen to audio books at the YMCA gym connected to my aids. Recently I did have problem with right ear and decided to have ENT do hearing test. It came out the same as it did before I got the aids so I went back to audiologist and they found problem with aid and repaired it for free as aids are still under warranty.

Wed, Sep 18 6:27am · When it is time for hearing aides? in Hearing Loss

When I have my hearing aides out, I can’t hear my wife if she is more than about 10 feet away and not facing me. With my hearing aides I can hear her even when she is in the next room. And the best part is that I’m not always saying “What?”.

Tue, Aug 27 10:25am · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

Possible reasons to buy new hearing aides:
1. Lost or broken
2. Out of warranty
3. Improved performance and features of new hearing aids
a. Now can connect to any cell phone or bluetooth device with both ears.
b. Rechargeable batteries that last 6 years (recharge daily)
c. Improvement of noise reduction in group settings

Tue, Aug 27 10:10am · Hearing loss due to wax in ears in Hearing Loss

My right Oticon hearing aid OPN1 had moisture in the tube connector. My audiologist showed me the difference in color of the two tubes and the right one was noticeable yellower. She replaced the tub and it is working properly again. There was no charge and I'm still under warranty until June 2020.

Tue, Aug 27 5:13am · Hearing loss due to wax in ears in Hearing Loss

I did see ENT yesterday. He removed some wax from both ears but not enough to cause noticeable loss of hearing. He did not find any other ENT issues, so now its back to ideologist today to check for issues with my right hearing aid as I still can barely hear the chime when turning it on etc.

Sun, Aug 25 5:46am · Hearing loss due to wax in ears in Hearing Loss

I've had Oticon hearing aids with bluetooth for about 2 years now and love them. But my right ear has had a recent significant decline in hearing. When I turn on aids, I can barely hear the chime in the right ear. We have tried rincing out ear with drops and syringe several times and it helped a tille but still not back to normal. I've made appointment with ENT Specialist on Monday to see what he thinks. Any suggestions welcome on this problem and ways to avoid it.

Sun, Jun 9 5:19am · Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support! in Eye Conditions

Welcome to the glaucoma group. Find a good glaucoma specialist and plan to see him regularly. I've been fighting glaucoma since early 1990's and can still see with about 20-40 vision in right eye. I think I've progressed through just about all the different eye drops to keep my pressure below 15. I'm now on 4 different daily drops and see the GS specialist every 4 months at age 74. I'm on dorzolamide, combigan, lumigan, and rhopressa. When these drops quit working it will be time for shunt surgery which I'm not looking forward to.