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Fri, Sep 13 1:38pm · Does Vitamin B-12 help with neuropathy of the feet? in Neuropathy

The foot drop symptoms you mentioned are new to me.. I didn't know that was affecting me, just that when I get tired from walking my feet sorta slap along and I find myself taking small steps.. Guess I'd better mention this to my doctor next time.. Thanks for including the information about it.. I'll check out the Cleveland Clinic's info, too..

Fri, Aug 16 11:34am · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Cindyt63, thank you for telling me about your families way of dealing with the mom.. My son still lives at his home, and he feels like Hospice coming in would be an invasion of his privacy, I guess.. Anyway, I hope he will let them become involved before long.. Did your mom suffer after stopping dialysis?

Fri, Aug 16 11:04am · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Good morning John.. I have read about your wife's long illness and your caregiving for her.. What a blessing you were to each other through it all.. Thank you for the encouragement…

Fri, Aug 16 11:00am · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Ginger, thank you for your kind words and understanding. Today I just feel quiet and alone.. My son is still sleeping and I've had my own breakfast and meds, but woke up too early.. I guess this is a time to heal and prepare for what comes next. And a nice quiet time for prayer this morning….

Thu, Aug 15 8:33pm · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Hello to other Caregivers… I've been on Connect for about a year now, but mostly for learning more about Diabetes and Neuropathy.. I was recently diagnosed Diabetic Type 2 and have neuropathy in both feet.. and moving up my legs now.. My husband had been helping me through my new illness, but now our oldest son's Diabetes and Parkinson's have effected him to the point that he said he is ready to stop dialysis. He lives in another state, is not married but has a caregiver who comes in every day to help him with meds, meals, etc. His only child, a daughter (28 years old) lives with him at present, too.. She works full time at a stressful job.. and now I've been here for a month to help him through all his preparations for dying. Some of his friends were here yesterday to have a meal and reminesce old times for one last time.. He has another set of friends that he would like to come see him also, before he stops dialysis. Needless to say, this is a sad sad time for all of us who know and love him..

My main concern for him right now is this: We've been told that by stopping dialysis he will have an easy painless passing.. But if his body begins filling up with fluids that he will suffocate slowly. Of course, as his mom I pray for him to pass on without pain.. and please God, not to suffocate slowly. Hospice has been contacted, but he has declined them starting with him so far. I have talked with him about this, but he does make his own decisions.. He said he doesn't want them in and out of the house to see him. He can't seem to understand that it doesn't have to be that way, but would be a big help emotionally for the rest of us, too..

My son has been hard to get along with for most of his adult life, but now, with our time together we have become so much closer than we were since he was a child. That has been a huge reward for both of us.. We talk openly and freely about his dying and what he wants us all to know now. His daughter has always been dominated by him, but also is ready to get on and live her own life. Her mother is not much part of her life and never has been, but I and her grandpa have always been here for her and she relies on us to be her family.. Of course, we are in our mid-70's and hope to see her with a loving partner someday.. She is bipolar, but on medication and in a program that has already helped her immensely.. She is responsible, cute, and reliable.. and very cautious about who she allows into her life. She has a very responsible job and the company and workmates respect and rely on her technical abilities.

This is the absolute hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I am determined to be here for my little family for the duration. They mean everything to me in this life. but meanwhile, my sweet ole husband is living alone in the next state and I miss him so much. He must be at home though, as he requires peace and quiet. It is far too disruptive for all of us when he is here… sigh…

Fri, Aug 9 2:08pm · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

@pfbacon I like your attitude.. We do what we can to get comfort and less pain, then just get on with living life and enjoying it for as long as it lasts. At the present, I'm using up more of my own by helping care for my dying son.. but until a month ago I was at my own home and my husband was helping care for me.. My son is an amputee, has both diabetes and parkinson's, has been on dialysis for 7 years.. Now he says he's ready to end dialysis and just let go of his stay here.. It's wearing us all out, trying to take care of him, but we are in it for the long haul.. He is also narcissistic and that makes it very difficult for his caregivers.. Right now it's taking 3 of us to keep him going.. and he is still going to dialysis, but like yesterday and last week, he skips a visit, then has to make up for it with 2 days in a row.. This is not an easy road to follow for any of us.. Meanwhile, my husband is home alone and in another state, while I'm living here and losing more of myself everyday.. Son won't go to a nursing home, or use hospice… prefers his mom and daughter and the next door neighbor doing everything for him.. Me.. I just want to go home to my dear husband.. It isn't easy, by any means..

Sat, Jul 20 10:54pm · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

This is something I've wondered about… I watch my carb intake closely, taking less than 45 per meal and always including some good fats, like butter, olive oil, avocados, mayonaise.. well, those are the good ones in my book anyway.. My doctor gave me a list of foods with the carb counts and I choose what I eat from the lower count things. BUT, when I have too many carbs my feet will burn and toes swell like sausages.. I'm always open to learning more about what can keep the hurt away.. Suggestions, please?

Wed, Jul 17 4:07pm · Facial Hair on Women in Women's Health

I agree with you about electrolysis.. Expensive and you can spend a fortune and still have fuzzies.. I did some of that, too, sad to say… Plus, a friend of mine was left with lots of tiny dimples in her chin from electrolysis.. The Epilators do the job so much better, altho you do have to keep using them.. somewhat like shaving, but with no stubble left behind..